My 2012 Word: Trust

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TrustLast year I saw a lot of people pick a word that they wanted to describe their year or that they wanted to work on for that year. I decided to do the same and last year I picked the word: Growth. As I look back over the past year I see how much I have really grown. I am so thankful that God gave me that word for the year and while growth is something we all work on every year, it was something I really needed to work on in 2011.

My top 4 areas I wanted to grow in were: to grow as a Christian, as a wife, as a mother, and as a person. I feel I grew so much in all of those areas. My relationship with Christ is still something I am working on. My growth as a wife has definitely shown as we have been married three years now and I am learning my husband and even myself better. My growth as a mom is definitely coming along. There are still times I know I need to set a better example, but I feel God has given me great patience to work with Adam and in his areas that are his weaknesses in needing therapy. I have come to realize that each mom is different and each child is different. What works for one mom and child may not work for another. Definitely learned some hard lessons on that road. And lastly, I feel I have really grown altogether as a person. I have learned so much about myself and my past through counseling and through my experience. And through this deployment I have learned that I am a stronger person than I once thought.

So much growth in 2011! But now we are on to 2012. So hard to believe.

When I was thinking about this post and what word I wanted to pick for this year, I prayed and asked God to show me what word and area He wanted me to work on this year. Almost immediately it came to me. Trust.

I knew this was the perfect word because this is something I have been struggling with over the past year. I have a hard time trusting God and a hard time trusting people. I see the good in people and sometimes I do trust easily (too easily) and other times it’s a struggle. I have been working on this in counseling a lot recently, and when this word came to mind I just knew it was God.

I picked three areas I would like to work on trust in my life this year. Here they are:

1. Trusting God
This is number one because it is a big one and obviously needs to come first in my life. I wrote a post couple months ago about deployment and letting go of wanting to control everything and just trusting God. Here is an excerpt of what I said:

“And all through this I have realized… it’s all out of my control. None of this is controlled by me. Not the things that happen, not the outcomes, and certainly not the future. I try to control it, but I can’t. I just have to step back and say, ‘God, it’s yours.’ And do you know what He says? ‘That’s what I have been waiting for all along.'”- (From my post: In One Word: Deployment)

Right there. That is what trusting God is all about. God is waiting for me to let go of all my worries and waiting for me to trust in Him. Yes, it’s hard, but I realized that His way is always best. I am hoping that this year I can let go of wanting to control everything and just trust God. I want Him to guide my life in 2012.

2. Trusting my Husband
I know what this sounds like when you first read it. But trusting my husband as far as infidelity is not what I’m talking about here. I trust him completely in that area. The area that I would like to work on is trusting him in his decisions and to lead our home. To step back and let him control things.

I have a habit of trying to control things in the home. Sure I am a wife and mother and I do a lot in our home- I take care of it. But he is still the leader and instead of worrying about if he is going to make a good decision or if the choice he made was right. I need to trust him. He has done a good job so far, and he has God to help him, lead him, and guide him.

Trust3. Trusting Others
This is one that I struggle with occasionally in the area of friends and taking them at their word. It’s something I have been working on in counseling. If they say they are able to help or they want to do something for me, I need to let them. I don’t need to feel bad, I don’t need to over think things and worry if they really mean it. I need to trust them.

I am so excited to see how God is going to work in my life in the area of trust in 2012!

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3: 5-6

What is YOUR one word for 2012?

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  1. I stopped by from Deployment Divas. My word isn’t trust this year. It’s balance. But if I could pick a second word…it would be trust. I’m kind of a control freak sometimes. Letting God run the show is definitely not my first thought most of the time.

    This year though, I know that I need a better balance to things in my life because I’ve let everything and everyone come before Him and me.

    1. So glad you are here! 🙂 I love that your word is balance, that is such a good one! I know that sometimes it’s hard to find balance in the things of life and in the day-to-day things as well. God coming first is something I am working on as well. It’s hard, I am learning I have to die to self every single day. Thanks for sharing and commenting!

  2. Hi there, I took a many month pause from blogging and now I’ve returned and I was checking on your blog because it was a favorite of mine in the past and I bookmarked it 🙂 What an encouragement this post was to see how far you’ve grown in the last year and be able also to recognize it and give yourself credit for it. I can understand your new word for the year “trust.” I have issues with that as well, and I know what you mean about trusting your husband and trusting God and others when you have been let down in the past (I am in counseling too). Just wanted to wish you good luck and may it be a great year for you, I look forward to reading along with your journey.

    1. Hi Alaina,
      Yes, I remember you! 🙂 I visited your blog and was wondering where you went. Thank you so much for the sweet comment!

  3. This is great! I still don’t know what my word will be for 2012. I saw this posted on your FB this morning and began thinking about it and still don’t know. I have to think about it some more but now I’m actively looking for a word :).

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