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Last year, I made some goals for 2010. I wasn’t sure how well I would attain them, but looking back I think I did pretty good. 2011 has been a long year, but a good year. I have learned some things and am a better person because of it. Last year I set just 5 goals. Here they are:


1. I want to be a better wife.

I think this is a goal I will always be working on attaining, because none of us are perfect and there are always things I can work on, but I know I improved a little since last year.

2. I want to be a great mom.

I think I am a good mom, but I want to be GREAT mom. I want to set an example and be there for my kids. Definitely something to always strive for as well.

3. I want to finish the things I start.

Not really sure where I stand with this one. I think I may of done better this year, than before, and it’s definitely something I am more aware of.

4. I want to establish what my hopes and dreams are and achieve them.
Definitely something that I am still working on and having a hard time with. Having a baby this year made this goal seem more confusing and unattainable. I have so many things that I want to do, but not sure which to work towards or go for.5. I want to make a difference.

I definitely hope I have made a difference in someone’s life this year. I feel that I made a difference in the big picture in all that do for others. I really do try. This is something I definitely worked on this year, and plan on doing it again for next year!

(If you want to read more about last year’s goals, click here: 2010)

2011 Goals:

I have been thinking a lot lately about the goals I want to set for this 2011. Some are the same as last year’s and some are different. Here they are:

1. I want to lose that baby weight!

I was doing a good job with my dieting in the past month or two, but then when the Christmas holidays hit, I kind of just gave up and figured I would start again in the new year. I am determined to achieve my goal weight and I have a year to do it in, but will hopefully do it in less. I am excited about being a little bit more healthy and hopefully getting into a great work out routine that I can always do even after I get the weight off.

2. I want to be a better house wife.

This is different than being a better wife, because a house wife refers more to what I do around the house. I want to keep a better house. Keep up with the house cleaning and make my home a haven my husband can come home to. I know it will not always be perfect, but this is something I definitely need to make more of an effort in.

3. I want to be a godly mom and set a good example.

This too is different than last year’s in that I don’t just want to be a great mom, but I want to be a godly mom. I want Adam to know I love the Lord and I want to raise him to love God and to know Him and have a personal relationship with Him. These are things I can start now. I can set an example in all that I do, because I know that even know at this young age he is watching and learning from me.

4. I want to get our finances under control

Last year we took a class at our church called Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey I even blogged a little about it. We did pretty good working on the things that we learned from these classes and even went to a all cash system, but later in the year when we ran into a bunch of car problems and other things, some of this stuff got off track. I would really like to get ahold of our finances and pay off the things that need to be paid of this year. I will be helping achieve this goal by working on selling Lia Sophia jewelry and i am hoping that it will be a big help.

5. I want to work on my relationship with God.
This is something I really need to work on. I want to have daily devotions and prayer with God, but it is something I struggle doing each and every day. I want to be close to God and know Him more and I want my walk to be something that is obvious and not a secret. Not that I am hiding it, but I want people to know by the way I live and from the peace and joy that I have. I am really looking forward to God working in my life this year as he has done in the past. It may not always be pleasant the things I go through, but that is Him molding me to fit His image.

You might ask what about blogging goals? I have a few changes I am thinking about making here and there, but as far as blogging I am going to let this year pan out and see what happens and go from there.

So those are my goals for this year. What are yours?

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