My Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2012

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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012For the past two years I have kept with the tradition to post my most popular posts of the year right before the new year and this year is no exception! Here are this year’s most popular posts thanks to you all! To read previous year’s posts click here:

Singing Through the Rain’s Most Popular Posts of 2012

Living with SPD10. Living with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder)
This was the tenth most popular post this year. I talked about my son’s diagnosis with SPD, and what it’s like for him to have it. I also explain what SPD is and people’s misconceptions about it.


My 2012 Word Trust9. My 2012 Word: Trust
In 2011, I decided that each year I would pick one word that I wanted to be my theme in the new year. In 2012, that word was “trust.” In this post I blog about what ways I would like to learn to trust during 2012.


Ways to Cope during Deployment8. How I Cope During Deployment
In this post I talk about things I did to help me cope during my husband’s first deployment. People thought I seemed calm during that time, but this is what I was really doing to stay sane.


Deployment Strong7. 5 Things I learned During Deployment
One of my favorite posts this year was this one. It talks about the main things I learned during my husband’s deployment and how I turned the experience from a bad one into a learning one.


I miss You Cards6. Deployment Ideas 5# – “I Miss You” Cards
One of the things I continued this year was my “Deployment Ideas” blog posts. This post talks about and links to all the different kinds of “I Miss You” cards you can send to your spouse on deployment. It also includes a special card I made myself for my one of my husband’s care packages.

Homemade Salt Dough Ornaments5. Homemade Salt Dough Ornaments
Usually Christmas is so close to the new year that none of my Christmas posts get enough hits to be in the most popular list, but this one made it to number 5#! In this post I talk about the salt dough ornaments I made with my son this year to give as gifts to family. They are really easy and fun to make!

Get to Know Your Spouse Questions4. Deployment Idea 4# – Get to Know Your Spouse Questionnaire
This is another one of my favorite posts because I love helping marriages. This is a great way to get communication going with your spouse and includes a list of questions you can talk about over the phone or through email!


31 Ways to Spice up Your Marriage3. 31 Ways to Spice up Your Marriage
For sure this post and the next two are my top 3 favorite posts from this year and I guess that explains why they were so popular too! This post lists 31 ways and more to spice up your marriage and to do things a little different. Includes tons of links and resources!

Dear Civilians What Every Military Wife Wants You to Know2. Dear Civilians: What Every Military Wife Wants You to Know
This post to-date I think is one of my best. It is highly researched and includes opinions and interviews of other military families. It talks about (in interview form) everything a civilian can do to help a military family get through deployment and what it’s like for military families to go through a deployment.

40 Long Distance Love Quotes for deployment1. 40 Long distance Love Quotes for Deployment
And the number 1# post for 2012 is this sappy one. This one went really viral on Pinterest and thus it became the most popular post and still gets tons of hits per day. I collected a bunch of love quotes that talked about true love during long distance relationships when my husband was in basic and this year I finally decided to share them with you all in blog post form.


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