My Top 10 Most Favorite Posts of 2011

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Yesterday I posted about my top 10 most popular blog posts. Today, I wanted to post about my FAVORITE posts of 2011! I am so excited about this because these are the ones I put so much hard work into. Of course there were a ton of others I could not list, but these ones were at the top of my list. None of these are in any particular order, but I hope you enjoy reading and remembering some of these good ones!

  Why I Write
This post was a lot of fun to write because I got to talk about why I love to blog and write and how that dream started when I was just a little girl. I know this was a few of my reader’s favorites too!


  Finding “The One”
I loved this post because I feel everyone can find the one that God has for them. I shared my story of how I knew without a doubt that my husband was the one God has for me. I love our beautiful love story.


  2011 Valentine’s Day Guide
This post was incredibly fun to research and write! I am hoping to do another guide for this year, but not sure if I will get the time…

  Reasons to Enjoy a TDY
This post was another popular one. I enjoyed writing it because it really showed the positive aspects of your husband being away for a short time even though it’s hard.


  My Testimony
I enjoyed this one, because this is almost like my life story. It shows how I have changed and how God has worked in my life. Nothing better than that!


Dear Future Military Wife
Even though these posts aren’t in any specific order, I have to see this one post i probably my absolute favorite. I worked so hard on it and really put myself into it. I love it and think every military fiance or girlfriend should read it.


Your Marriage: Oh the Potential!
I love this post because I am passionate about marriage. I believe every woman deserves to have and work for a good marriage. Know that your marriage has potential!


Makeup Tips & Products I Love
This post was just so fun to write about. I love makeup and it just made sense to write about some makeup tips I have learned along the way!


10 Years: The Effects of 9/11
This is one of my favorites because it was so heart-felt. Being a military wife 9-11 hits close to home and I know as military wives we all have strong feelings about that day.


Resources for Marriage
I love this post, because it lists a lot of my favorite sites and blogs. I mentioned before I am passionate about good marriages and this post is a great step in the right direction on working for your marriage.


I wasn’t originally planning on doing this but I have a favorite post from this year that was not written by me. It was a guest post by Aprille from Beautiful in His Time.

The Yellow Ribbon Sisterhood
I has asked Aprille to do a guest post for me. This one is my favorite because it is so heart-felt. She really knows about military life and she offers some sound advice for my first deployment and anyone else going through a first deployment as well.


What was YOUR favorite blog post of mine from this year?

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