Marriage Resources

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Marriage Resources

Lately, it has seemed there is a great need for help for women in the area of marriage. There are so many good marriage resources out there, books, websites, and more for people to utilize. I thought I would compile a list of sites and books that have been an encouragement to me in my marriage. Please feel free to add more in the comment section and I will check them out and add them here.


From the site: Whether you are single, dating, engaged, or newlyweds, we’ve created for you—with articles, interviews, and resources to help you prepare for marriage, because we believe that your wedding day is just the beginning!

From me: This site isn’t just for newlyweds, there is a lot of great content here. I have posted links from this site more than several times that have spoken to me.

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From the site: Good women are a dying breed, and we’re doing something about it. We are seeking to provide a place of trust, honesty, truth and encouragement for both single and married women as we wrestle through life together. As women, we are inundated with romance novels and chick flicks, and the Good Women Project desires to deliver reality – the GOOD reality – to your kitchen table, your office space, and your bedroom. We exist to encourage and equip young women to become good women, and show that good women have the most fun, the best sex, and most fulfilling lives. Want to read more about our mission? 

From me: I love the realness and honesty of these posts. They are posts submitted by people like you and me, talking about real life in their marriage. It has been a great encouragement to me. I even did a post about one of the posts from this site: Your Marriage: Oh the Potential!

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From the site: “Project Marriage is an interactive love movement designed to get back to the simple joys of marriage and the love that brought you there. We know all that oomph is still there, it’s just buried under a pile of bills and a mountain of laundry. We believe in the value of a good marriage, and how it makes our children so happy to see their parents in love. We will introduce a new monthly marriage challenge designed to put a little oo la la back into your everyday! We will keep it fun, fresh and exciting!

From me: I don’t think this is a Christian site, but I have enjoyed reading the posts and seeing the monthly challenges. I think it is a great site dedicated to helping marriages!

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Sex & Intimacy:

From the site: My name is Gwen and I’m in love. I think everyone should have a marriage that is as rockin’ hot as mine.  I’m an old-fashioned, Christian girl who’s here to help you after you say ‘I do.’  A guide to love, marriage, and rockin’ hot sex.

From me: Sometimes you have questions, you just aren’t sure about, but who are you going to ask? This blog answers some tough questions from a Biblical perspective, along with giving some great tips!

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From the Site: “Pillow Talk: Intimacy God’s way!

From me: Some great honesty and some great tips in this 3 part series!

From the Site: “…when you feel like a maid than a wife and mother.”


These blogs are not marriage blogs, but  are all blogs from Godly women who discuss the topic of marriage. All three of these blogs have had posts that have reached into my heart and spoken to me on many occasions.

  • Women Living Well:

Marriage Challenge
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  • Becoming a Strong Woman of God

Marriage & Marriage Challenge
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  • Stringer Mama


Dating Your Husband:

From the site: Love, Actually Blog was created to help inspire others to spice up their relationships. Love is often seen as something that perpetually runs itself…without effort. In reality, love actually takes work…and, in my experience, romance takes even more work..and it’s not always cheap! But it’s much too wonderful to skip out on! My goal is to make all of it just a little bit easier…and a little bit cheaper! You’ll find all sorts of: not your typical “Dinner & A Movie” dates, ideas for creative romance on a budget, and any thing else related to love!

From me: I absolutely LOVE this site. There are so many great ideas here, you could probably use one every week for a year or two.

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From the site: We ALL know life can get pretty crazy! We fall in love, get married, and think we are going to live happily ever after…. Then comes the careers, meetings, church callings, kids, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning the house, BILLS, illness, stress, etc. We forget to slow down and count our blessings AND focus on the person we decided to spend the rest of our lives with!! We forget to continue dating our spouses!! We are a group of fun-loving friends…er…I mean….DIVAS who adore our husbands and want to make sure that we always keep our relationship with that significant other…a TOP priority! We will be taking turns posting fun, creative, AND inexpensive dates each week. 
From me: Another great site. I will admit some of the ideas are a bit corny, but there is so much good stuff here, you just have to ignore the corny parts! The site is filled with tons of tips and ideas. I honestly could spend all day looking through everything.

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This is not all-inclusive list just a list of ones that I know are good, or have heard are good. I will try to add more to this list as I can so be sure to check back! 



Review from a Military Wife: My minister has given this series to many couples who are facing some difficult times and he says he has seen it change marriages and relationships, even several on the edge of divorce. It would be great if both of you could listen to it, but what my minister recommended we listen to it seperately and then again together. We used it as our pre-martial counseling (because we were states apart) even though it’s not really intended for that. Even though we weren’t married when we listened to it, it really changed our relationship – it was amazing! Here’s the link. It comes in cd’s, cassette tapes and a book too I think. I’ve found them used on Amazon for a lot less too. I hope this helps.” -Wives of Faith discussion board

From me: I have never seen these and do not know much about them, but from this review it sounds like they could be very helpful.


Last, but not least, I wanted to mention that there is a new blog starting very soon. I will be guest posting on it, once a month about marriage and I hope that it will be a help to you. You can find out more here: Newlywed’s Bliss

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  1. Thanks for sharing about these great resources and sites with Wedded Wed, Kathryn. I didn’t know about some of them, so I’m going to have to check them out!

  2. Hi Kathryn, I stumbled across your Blog today via Pinterest. I love the name of your Blog! my husband and I’s first date was to see “singing in the rain” on stage so it has a special place in my heart. 🙂 I wrote a Blog post about surviving a difficult marriage with some book recommendations and I have the first two on your list ! 🙂 I’ll have to check out some of the others you have that I havn’t heard of, The Five Love Languages is definitely good value though too. God Bless

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