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Datevitation Review & Giveaway

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DatevitationI am really excited to tell you about an awesome site that will really help to spice up your marriage this Valentine’s Day and any day after! How many of you have spent money buying those pre-written “love coupons” to give to your spouse? I know I have a couple times! The bad thing about them is you can’t choose what dates are in there or what they say. You may be getting something that totally does not fit you and your spouse’s personality!

Now you don’t have to worry about that because there is a new website out there that takes all the work out of making, choosing, and ordering love coupons: Datevitation.com. Datevitation is one of the first online programs used to create custom love coupon books and give you date ideas. They have over 200 date ideas that you can choose from for your book and over 60 cover ideas.

The unique thing about these love coupons is that they are not just characterized by words on a page or with just pictures, but with little stick character couples acting out each “date.” It is completely adorable and also hilarious! How can your spouse not smile when they get this gift from you?Love Coupons

My Review:
I was given the opportunity to make one of these books for my hubby so I could write a review. The site is very user friendly and easy to use. I was really surprised at all the dates that you can pick to put in your book. There are categories for every type of date out there from artistic, classic, and creative dates to outdoor fun, sports, and adrenaline dates. There is even “bedroom” dates for those who want to go a bit more spicy!

You can purchase a book with up to 5 dates for $20.00 and each date after that is only a $1.00 extra. Or you can send an e-date and choose one date to surprise your spouse with by email! I was able to personalize each date and write a note to my husband in the beginning of the book. The book came in the mail very fast and was in a cute gift box that said “surprise” on the cover. It really is the perfect idea for a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s day.

Disclaimer: I would classify this as an adult only site as there is one page that has a bad word on it and there are some “bedroom” dates that are for for adults only.

If you are interested in purchasing a love coupon book for your spouse this Valentine’s Day you can use the code: “THERAIN” for $10.00 off your purchase. This means you can get a book with at least 5 custom-picked dates for only $10.00!

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Datevitation only ships to U.S. residents at this time and giveaway is only open to those in U.S. Giveaway ends January 22nd. Winner will receive a promo code for a free datevitation book with 5 pages. Additional pages are $1.00 each. Winner will pay $3.50 for shipping and tax will be applied to books shipped to California.
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  1. Love these! I’ve bought coupon books in the past, but these are great because you can personalize them! I’m adding this to my gift list, for sure.

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