Why Birthstone Jewelry is so Special

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I have a special place in my heart for birthstone jewelry. I remember as as child cuddling with my mom, and looking at the rings on her hands. She had her wedding ring and engagement ring on of course, but the one I remember the most was the one she wore with the different colored stones.

What are the different colors for? I remember asking. She explained that each stone represented each birth month that me and my brothers were born in. One for January, one for October, and one for March. I remember feeling so important, so special, that she would wear a piece of jewelry that reminded her of her kids- of me.


I didn’t think about any of this until last year when right before I had my daughter, my husband surprised me with the necklace above. It has, “Forever & Always” engraved on it which is a saying my husband and I have had since we were dating. The stones represent (from top to the right) my birth month, my son’s birth month, my daughter’s birth month, and my husband’s birth month. It represents our family and I wear it proudly and will treasure it always.

My husband had no idea what birthstone jewelry meant to me, but now I have something that will always have special meaning to me to wear close to my heart.

Birthstone jewelry is special for anyone in your life, it’s jewelry that has meaning. If you are looking for the perfect piece of jewelry to give to a family member consider birthstone jewelry. Whether it be a ring, a necklace or some other form of jewelry, just know that it will be so special because it has special meaning.

What is something that has special meaning or is special to YOU?

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