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I grew up with two younger brothers, but just because they were younger than me didn’t mean that I didn’t play with them or enjoy doing some of the same things they did! My brothers were big into computer games and video games growing up and since I spent a lot of time with them, I was too. Sometimes I was in better at some of those games then they were, but mostly they taught me a lot about how to play!

One of these games was a computer game. Yes, I know this was was back in the day before video games – this was in the 90’s! In the game, you had a spaceship, and you were supposed to make sure that none of the “alien” spaceships got to earth or blew up your ship. It was simple game, but it was fun. We used the arrow keys on our computer to move the ship around and the space bar to shoot. Pretty simple right?

NovaDriveNow, years later my husband has developed an app that is pretty much the same game – only better of course! It’s taken months and months for him and his “employees” to develop this app, and I know he’s very proud of it. He asked me to to talk about it on this blog in hopes that maybe a reader (or their spouse) might download and enjoy the game! Here’s a little blurb from him about it:

“The best form of marketing apps is by word of mouth, this first month is pivotal to the success or failure of the app. There is a demo version of NovaDrive available to test the game out. If you enjoy the game please tell your friends and rate it. I know most people don’t rate games, but it does make a world of difference. While NovaDrive is only on Android right now, there are plans for it to be made available on iOS devices, early next year. Thanks for taking a look at our game, I hope you enjoy it!” – Jonathan
Here’s a description about the game:

“Revolutionize space with NovaDrive! You and your crew developed an amazing new technology that ties your warp drive directly into your shield. This way when you blow up, you automatically warp to a safe location and don’t die. This game has been designed around randomness and is broken up into several ways to play.”

Some key features include:

  • Real sense of progression.
  • Three types of ships with distinct main weapons and special abilities.
  • Captain levels to increase the stats that fit your play style.
  • Never get stuck on a specific level again. If you die, go back, get better gear, and come back swinging!
  • Google Plus integration.
  • Achievements and leadership boards: see where you rate among your friends and the general population at large.


Interested in downloading the game to your android device?

Still not convinced? Check out this review from a fan!

Addicted Already! I really enjoy this game, its something I can pick up and play over and over again. This is a great retro style shooter, that is really well done. I can tell a lot of time and effort went in to making this app a successful release. I look forward to seeing more releases from this developer.” – Catherine Lyles



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  1. My husband would love this, I’m sure! I’ll have to show you. 🙂 How awesome- I couldn’t even begin to think about how to develop an app! 🙂 haha.

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