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In only a few weeks I will be publishing my 2013 Small Business Christmas Gift Guide. One of these awesome businesses on the list stuck out to me though and I wanted to share how awesome they are! Map My State is a small business that specializes in:

“…unique typography designs featuring states, cities, countries and more.  Our prints and mugs are a perfect way to add character to your home or office—and they make a wonderful gift for someone who already has everything!”

map my stateThe image above is the print I ordered from Map My State. Although I was born and raised in New Hampshire, I moved to Florida when I was 18 for college and later my family moved to southern Florida. Florida has my heart – especially a beautiful town called Sarasota where I lived for awhile and where my extended family currently resides.

When I went to order this print there was variety of colors available to pick from. I liked the turquoise the best. I asked if I could have the town of Sarasota highlighted in pink and Ashley from My My State replied that it was no problem!

I received my print right away and while I did not have a chance to frame it yet, I am super excited to do so soon! I am really happy with the quality of the print and excited to perhaps order more in the future. I know that as a military family we will be moving to other places in the future and it would be fun to have a print of each place we have been stationed.

One of my favorite ideas for these prints is the “His Home, Her Home, Our Home.” I think it’s such a fun idea and a way to display where your family is from!

Map My StateMap My State also sells mugs and a variety of prints that you can get customized to your heart’s content! Their prices are very affordable too. If you are looking to order something from Map My State you can use the coupon code: “singing” for 20% off all items on their site. I hope that you will also check out their site and their other links as well:


Although I received a free print from Map My State, it did not affect my opinion of the company or this review.

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  1. This is such a good idea. I am looking to build more on my stairwell gallery wall and this would be awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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