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Memeoirs: Turn Your Emails Into a Book (Giveaway)

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MemeoirsYou might remember a post I did a few months back about How to Turn Your Letters Into a Book. It was an idea I posted for military families or anyone really who wanted to save their letters in book form. Now there is Memeoirs, a site that allows you to turn your EMAILS into book form! This is a great idea for modern military families who keep in touch mainly by email. Want to save the emails you and your spouse send back and forth during a deployment? Try Memeoirs!

Why Memeoirs?

“By bringing letters back to paper Memeoirs gives you the opportunity to convey the timelessness and profundity of your ideas in a book. The exchanges with your loved ones deserve a beautiful vessel to take them across the Ocean of Time. Print them in a medium that is up to par with the depth and breadth of your feelings.” – Memeoirs.com


Things I love about Memoirs:

  • I love the look of their books – how it’s put together.
  • I love how they format the emails so neatly and cleanly within the book.
  • I love how easy they make it to use their site and order a book.

I love this idea and hope to use it next time my husband deploys as we email quite often during deployment. I really think this is a great way of saving those precious memories that military families write to each other and also a great way to save memories for any family or couple that likes to email a lot!

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Memoirs is giving a book away to one lucky reader! Enter below to win a chance to turn YOUR emails into a book! Giveaway ends September 30th, and winner will be notified by email. Thank you for participating!

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