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Faith Deployed

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Faith DeployedYikes! Sorry it’s been so long guys! I am very excited for this post because I am doing a review of a great book, and…. the author has one copy for me to do a giveaway for you guys!

Publishing Date: Nov. 1, 2008
Book Description:
“Jocelyn Green and the other writers in this book have connected to the hearts of military wives with compassion, grace and hearts full of mercy. These writers have been there and have brought to us as readers compelling devotions to connect us to the Lord, our spouse and the hope of a strong marriage during times of deployment. In all the work we have done in reaching out to military marriages, this resource, Faith Deployed: Daily Encouragement for Military Wives, is the best tool we have found for ministering to the spiritual needs of these heroic couples serving our great nation.” –Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg, America’s Family Coaches and authors of 6 Secrets to a Lasting Love, national radio show co-hosts.

My Rating:
My Review:

I was very excited to get to read and review this book because I had heard great things about it, and I was not disappointed. Jocelyn Green along with 14 other military wives from all different branches, has written a wonderful selection of 86 different devotionals filled with scripture verses, faith, and encouragement.

Each devotional has verse that goes along with it, and at the end of each has an “Ask” and “Pray” section which asks you questions that make you think about what you just read and a written prayer for you to pray aloud. There was a wide range of topics that covered almost every area and aspect of military life including main topics such as:

  • Taking Every Thought Captive: Training Our Minds to a Biblical Perspective.
  • Guarding the Heart: Protecting Ourselves from the World’s Temptations.
  • Ambassadors for Christ: Viewing Our Role as a Ministry.
  • Taking Orders: Living the Life That Has Been Set Before Us.
  • Total Surrender: Giving Up Our Attempts to be in Control.
  • The Price of Duty: Overcoming the Trials Inherent in Serving.
  • Active Duty Faith: Leaning on a Faith that Sustains.
  • Hope of Victory: Recognizing God’s Goodness.

This book really hits close to home with real-life stories of other military wives and their daily struggles. There were so many things that convicted me and really spoke to me through this book and also so much to learn from! I was able to get something out of every single devotional in this book, and walk away feeling encouraged on a daily basis. There were some sections that just brought me to tears, because of how much I was able to relate, or because of something that God used to show me. This is a book that women of all ages, no matter how long they have been a military wife, can relate to. It’s something I will definitely be reading again and will be passing on for others to read as well!Buy the Book:

About the Author:

“Jocelyn Green is an award-winning freelance writer who pens articles for dozens of magazines. She also writes for nonprofits, universities and corporations such as Juicy Juice, Nestle, Publix and General Mills. While her husband served in the Coast Guard, Jocelyn realized the need for encouragement for those left behind. In addition to Faith Deployed, Jocelyn is also co-author for Stories of Faith and Courage from the War in Iraq/Afghanistan (AMG Publishers 2009). She also edited and contributed to Stories of Faith and Courage from World War 2by Larkin Spivey, a 2009 Military Writers Society of America Silver Medal Winner. She’s a member of the Evangelical Press Association and the Christian Authors Network. She and her husband have two children, a dog and a cat.”

To find out more about the other authors, click here
Jocelyn Green’s website: http://jocelyngreen.wordpress.com
Journey Through DeploymentIs your spouse deploying soon? Check out my book on deployment for military spouses and families!

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  1. I don't know if this is where you wanted us to answer the questions but I cannot find anywhere else do to so. SO….

    1. My husband is in the Air Force
    2.I had not heard of the book until I stumbled across your blog. I would like to win this book because my husband is deploying for the first time in August and I believe having a book full of devotionals will help me keep an optimistic outlook until he returns home safely!
    3.I do not have a blog although I am looking into creating one and if I do I will gladly post this on my page! 🙂

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog =)
    I LOVE this book! I too reviewed it for Jocelyn (review on my blog)
    Since I already have the book, I will not enter to win it, but I do encourage anyone who does not have the book to enter to win it…if you do not win it, it is worth buying!

    BTW..I have enjoyed browsing your blog =)


  3. My hubby is in the navy and I've never heard of that book but it looks really good! I put it on my list of books to read.

  4. 1. My husband is in the Army, currently deployed.

    2. I heard about this book through your blog! I would like to win it because I need all the advice I can get about being a military wife and being a wife in general.

    3. I don't have a blog to post it to at this time.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yep, Air Force all the way!

    I've never heard of the book although I'm sure I will looking for a copy sometime in near future when my fiance starts deploying on a regular basis again.

    We're actually PCSing out your way in just a few months. I would LOVE if you did a post all about Robins!

  6. 1. My husband is in the Air Force.
    2. I have heard of the book and it is on my list of must reads. I would love to read it, especially now because my husband is currently deployed. I can use the encouragement.
    3. I have a blog and I will post the link on my blog. I'll also do a review on it after finishing, whether I win the book or not. I love to do book reviews!

  7. 1. Air Force all the way.
    2. I had never heard of the book either, but I think I'd find time to read it in the next three months (when my husband IS deployed).
    3. I'll be posting the link asap.

    p.s. Thanks for the tid-bit about this giveaway. I've never been much of a reader before, but with the books you're giving away I think that might change. haha.

  8. 1. My husband is in the Marines.
    2. Haven't heard of this book but would love to read it!
    3. daisylinde.blogspot.com

    Drawings are always fun! it is worth the try! 🙂

  9. 1. My husband is in the navy.
    2. I've heard of the book, my husband is currently deployed and would love to read it.
    3. I have a blog and linked it to it.

  10. 1. My husband is in the ARMY and currently deployed to Iraq.
    2. I heard about the book from someone at Military One Source and I would like to win it as it would make its way through my FRG group and to my sister-in-law (as my brother is currently deployed).
    3. I don't blog at the moment but maybe soon.

  11. 1. My husband is in the Air Force.

    2. I had never heard of the book before your review.

    3. I would love to win this book for a number of reasons. Being the wife of a military man is not easy. There are always challenges…from the long days to the long deployments. Being a mother of 5 small children just makes it that much harder. Sometimes I struggle with the daily challenges and I know this book would be truly inspiring!!

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