Tug of War

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Tug of WarOver labor day weekend I went home to Florida to visit my family, while there we went to my old church and my pastor gave an illustration that I liked very much. He talked about the game of Tug of War, or as some people like to call it, tug o’ war. I am pretty sure you are familiar with the game and have probably played several times as a kid!

My pastor said that we play tug of war with God. God is pulling us in the direction He wants to go, and sometimes we let Him pull us because we know He knows what is best for our lives. But other times we pull back. We say God, I don’t want to do this, or go this way… and we take the rope and pull in the opposite direction. Now God is always there on the other end trying to pull us and trying to get us to come back His way, but we are stubborn sometimes and want to do it our way. We think we know better, or that there must be another way, but in the end the only way out is to give the rope some slack and let God pull us back to Him.

I think we all have things in our life like this, where we want to play tug of war with God. Maybe it’s something we need to give over to Him, a habit, a sin, or something that is distracting us from Him. Or maybe we just need Him to pull us in the right direction, instead of taking our life into our own hands. Whatever it may be, know that God is always at the end of that rope, waiting for you to let Him pull you back.

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  1. Hello! Found you at SITS! I am a Marine wife and thought I would check out your blog. Your post brings up a lot of good points about our walk with God. I often find myself pulling back, as I am very stubborn. It is a bad trait I am working on…enjoyed your blog, I will be back 🙂

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