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A Letter to My Military Husband

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Military Husband

To My Military Husband…

Dearest Jonathan,
It’s hard to believe that we have been on this journey together for almost five years since I met you, almost two years since we married, and almost two years as a military family. When we met I never knew the plans God would have for both of us, it amazes me to see where we are from all those years ago.

I know the decisions you have made have not always been easy, but I see you have always had this family’s best interests at heart, and I appreciate that. I see the sacrifices you have made, and I love you more for them. You saw my dream of being a stay-at-home mom and you determined that you would make it possible.

You have put your wants aside and helped this family stick with a budget so that we could use our money wisely, and save for this baby. You drive the “old car” without any air conditioner so that I can drive the “nice car” and not worry about breaking down or driving without an air conditioner. You work hard at work, even when you have a bad day and no one really cares that you do your best. Remember God sees that and will honor it. You plan on getting a job so that we can stick to these budget and have enough money for this baby, and so I can stay home with him. These are the sacrifices you have made.

I know you have many dreams and aspirations, and although they may change several times in the next several years I know that you will achieve them. I see how you are trying hard with your studying, even though it is hard for you, and I know that no matter what if you keep working hard, you will do anything you set your mind to.

Thank you for putting up with me, I know I can be difficult. From pregnancy mood swings and cravings to just being crazy me, I know that you must have a lot more patience than I first thought! I know you are going to be a wonderful dad, in a few weeks when our baby comes, and it makes me love you, even more, to see you talk to my tummy to Adam, and to see you get excited about him coming. Adam is going to adore you!

I am excited to see where God is going to take us on the journey called life, and I am glad he has given us to each other. Know that no matter where your military career takes you, I will always support you, I will always be behind you, and I will always be waiting.


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  1. You're a sweet wife and will be just as sweet as a mother.
    The book is on the way, try to read it before the baby comes. You'll be glad you did (smile).

  2. sweet letter!! and the boxes on my blog… I actually put wrapping paper inside of them with tacky glue 🙂

  3. Our soldiers sacrifice so much, especially for their families. Your heartfelt words are written beautifully. God bless you both!!

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