How Duracell Can Help Your Child Through Deployment

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As a military family, we have definitely had our share of military separations and deployments. We have gone through the ups and downs and the tears when daddy has to leave one more time. Deployment is hard and very few people understand that.

How Duracell Can Help Your Child Through Deployment

One of the things that has helped my kids the most during deployments is the use of daddy dolls and recordable story books and teddy bears. These type of military-geared products are perfect to help kids get through long deployments while missing their mommy or daddy.

There is one thing that all of these toys have in common: they are battery-operated. While some parents may choose off-brand batteries, the power of Duracell is what is needed to make these types of toys last longer so that your kids can enjoy the love just a little bit longer!

Duracell recently had the honor of meeting a special military family in California. The young daughter showed them how comforting it was to have her father’s voice through a batter-powered recordable teddy bear. Duracell was so moved they decided to create a film based on this family’s story.

I will be honest, when I first watched this short film, I cried my eyes out. Duracell truly captures the emotional journey of watching a little one go through deployment. I think all military families will be able to relate to this amazing film.

More than 2 million American children have had a deployed parent at one time or another since 2001. One of the hardest things on these children is that they miss their parent’s love and affection while they are deployed. That’s why Duracell wants to help. They recognize the hardships that military families go through and they have seen first-hand how having battery-powered devices such as the toys described above, have helped.

In honor of all military families, Duracell is donating $100,000 to the USO’s Comfort Crew for Military Kids. Find out more about the USO and how you can donate to the cause by clicking here: www.uso.org/donate.

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