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How to Celebrate Thanksgiving When a Family Member is Deployed

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Celebrating any holiday alone or without a family member can be hard. Thanksgiving is one that is hard because of how family-oriented it is. It may be a time to remember our blessings, but it’s hard to be thankful when someone is missing from our family.

Even though you may not feel like celebrating thanksgiving this year, it’s still good to get up out of your rut and do something special. Here are five ways to celebrate Thanksgiving when a family member is deployed.

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving When a Family Member is Deployed

5 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving During Deployment

1. Make a Thanksgiving Care Package.
I know this one may be a given, but there are so many ways to make a great Thanksgiving care package! You can make one for your deployed family member or you can make one for a military family who is far from home and needing a little cheer.

If you have kids, get them involved in the fun too! Use this time to teach them how to give to others and what the true meaning of Thanksgiving really is. Here are a few of my favorite Thanksgiving care packages: A Thanksgiving Care Package… From the Dog, Thanksgiving in a Box, Thankful Care Package, and Amazing Autumn Care Package.


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  1. This is an incredible sentiment. I’m a 6-year combat veteran (recently turned lifestyle blogger!). I remember being 19 in Iraq, the first year I couldn’t even call home for Christmas, and receiving care packages every holiday. That, more than anything else, was the biggest comfort imaginable.

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