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15 Military Spouse Facebook Groups You HAVE to Join

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Facebook and social media can a be a huge support to military spouses near and far. Facebook helps military spouses keep in touch with family and friends, share photos, videos, family news and more! But Facebook is good for even more support within its groups. I have found so much support within military spouse Facebook groups than anywhere else. It’s nice to have other military spouses who have gone through the same thing as you to talk to and support you!

I polled other military spouses and together with the groups I was already apart of, compiled a list of 15 military spouse Facebook groups. Don’t miss out on these, you just may find one that is perfect for you!

Military Spouse Facebook Groups

15 Military Spouse Facebook Groups You Don’t Want to Miss!

1. Military Spouse Mail
“Who doesn’t love good ol’ fashion snail mail? Especially when it’s not a bill?! Milso Mail is aimed at military spouses of ALL branches of service who would like to connect with others through letters.”

2. Military Spouse Businesses
Are you a military spouse that has a small business? “This Page is for everyone! Military spouses feel free to join, look around and promote your home business!”

3. Military Church Search
Who doesn’t struggle to find a church after a PCS? “Military Church Search exists to help military service members and their families get information about churches. We all move so often and it can be challenging to find a new church family. Let’s help each other out!”

4.  Korea Tour Support Sisters
“This page exists for anyone going through or preparing for a Korea tour. A tour in Korea is very much different than a regular deployment. I joined that page as soon as we found out my husband got orders. They were there from the beginning and all the way through reintegration a little over a year later. My husband has been home nearly 2 years now and I’m still on that page to support the new people going through a tour….we all tend to stick around and help a ‘sister’ out.” – Submission from Erin

5. White Walls
Turning your military house into a home after a PCS. “White walls is amazing! It’s all military and how they decorate their homes.” – Submission from Ashley

6. Military Blogging Buddies
This is a great resource if you are a military spouse that blogs – one my personal favorites! “Military Blogging Buddies is a community group for bloggers who touch on military community issues. This a place to ask questions about blogging, growing a community, writing and more.”

7. Christian Military Spouse Bloggers
“This is a community dedicated to encouraging and supporting fellow Christian bloggers who also happen to be married to the military! We hope to provide a stable place to brainstorm, network, and troubleshoot in the ever-changing life of a military spouse.”

8. Christian Military Fellowship
“Christian Military Fellowship (CMF) is an association of believers who are committed to encouraging Men and Women in the United States Armed Forces, and their families, to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.”

9.  Military Families with Complex Kids
This group is great for military families of special needs children to ask questions and find the support of other military families raising special needs or medically complicated children.

10. Military Homeschoolers
If you are a military homeschooler, this just might be the group for you! “This is a group for military families who choose to educate their children at home. We believe that there is no right approach or method when choosing to homeschool our children, but that each family has to do what is best for them.”

11. Military Families on the Move: PCS Help, Advice, and Tips
“Nothing is harder than moving to a new area and knowing nothing and no one. So I hope folks will use this group to help each other out with moving tips and information about different military bases and surrounding areas.”

12. Military Space Available Travel
If you’re thinking about traveling Space-A check out this group for some helpful insight! “This group is to bring together those that are eligible and interested in Space Available Travel on military aircraft.”

13. Military Connected Families With Special Needs
Another group for military families raising special needs kids. “This group is for military families worldwide.”

14. Military Discounts and Appreciation
We all know we love a good military discount! “A place to share discounts, deals, and events for US Military Veterans. Come join the conversation!”

15. Military Families Recipe Swap
“This is a place for military loved ones to share recipes and kitchen ideas. We know it can get to be the same old thing for supper and decided what a better way to share new ideas and make some friends along the way!”

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  1. Great list! I would like to add Stroller Warriors®. There is a group for each chapter (23 to date and growing). Check our website strollerwarriors.com for the a chapter locations.

  2. What a great topic to post about! I loved this post! I’m sharing it! And I’m joining tons of new groups now! I especially like the church search one because I think finding a church after a PCS is hard, the Korea Tour support one because my husband is currently stationed in Korea, and the Christian milspouse bloggers one because I match that description! Thanks so much for sharing, I love getting connected!

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