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4 Tips for Doing a Military Move Across the Country

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It’s been one year since my family PCS’d across the country from Georgia to Colorado. It was not our first move, but our first official PCS. While we only had three month’s notice and it was very stressful, the military move went very smoothly. Here’s a few tips on how you can make your cross-country PCS as smooth as possible!

4 Tips for a Military Move Across the Country

Stress Less Military Move Tips!

1. Plan Ahead.
The second we had PCS orders, I started planning. I researched the base and city we would be moving to. I joined Facebook groups for military spouses in that area. I talked to military families there and made notes about the best resources, places to buy a home, and even schools. While I’m a control freak and would like to control everything, I know I can’t. Planning ahead and doing research helped me feel in control and helped our family make the best choices ahead of time.

2. Downsize.
The second thing I started doing when I heard we were making a military move, was to downsize. Families end up with so much “stuff” many of which we do not need. I took apart each room at a time. Getting rid of things that we did not need anymore and giving away or selling items that were in good condition. Downsizing before you move will help you feel less stressed and you don’t have to worry about the extra clutter in your new home. As you go through your home, set aside the things that you plan on taking with you versus letting the mover pack. This way you won’t have to go through each room twice!

3. Stay Calm.
It’s easy to tell you to stay calm now that my military move is over, but I have to tell you that things will go wrong. No PCS is perfect, even though we would love for it to be. Make sure you have a great support team, people to help you, watch the kids, bring you coffee, etc. Know that things will be better once things settle down and you are in your new home.

4. Rent Furniture.
Renting furniture is becoming a more and more popular option for military families – especially for those families that are new to the military and do not have many things for their home yet. Sometimes buying new furniture is not the best option especially after an expensive military move. So what do you do? Let CORT Furniture Rental smooth out all kinks in your journey across the country!

CORT is more than a furniture rental company. At CORT we provide services and solutions for both individuals facing life’s transitions and companies looking to make changes to their workplace or uniquely showcasing their company.

Imagine moving across the country and moving into your new home full of furniture that you have rented. So much less hassle than sleeping on the floor with the kids and the whole family while waiting for your things to arrive. CORT

CORT MIlitary

CORT Furniture Rental

CORT Furniture Rental helps active duty military members and their families adjust to change quickly. If your spouse gets deployed and you decide to leave to be with family or if you PCS or are discharged from the military, you will be released from your furniture rental contract.

So leave the stress behind on your next military move with CORT’s Furniture on-demand! Military packages start at $119/month with this pricing only available on military packages. You must present valid Military I.D. before delivery. Still curious about how it works for military members and families? Check out this video!



What about YOU? What are your favorite tips for a military move? Would you ever rent furniture after a PCS?

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