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I am very excited to introduce my first sponsor: 
Kaylee’s Kloset.

What it is:
Kaylee’s Kloset makes and sells ACU based clothing and accessories. The clothing includes children’s clothing for both boys and girls. Accessories include purses and aprons for women.

How it all Started:
From Kaylee’s Kloset: Deployment can bring a lot of things… one thing I was not going to let it bring, was boredom! So to fill my extra time (between going back to school, giving horse back riding lessons, and raising a 1 year old boy) I began making a quilt for the new queen bed I was going to buy before my soldiers return! 

When I had completed the quilt, and was settled into our new apartment waiting for his return that summer, I found myself itching to continue sewing! I had a lot of scrap fabric, and Wal-Mart had just put their ACU fabric on clearance (crappy quality material may I add, I do not use that fabric for my products!). I decided to make a little summer dress for another couple in my husband’s unit due shortly after they returned!

I received so many compliments and requests from other military wives, and had SO much fun making them, I decided to take on the adventure of selling them locally at Fort Lewis, WA.

Someone sent me a link to this crazy online selling site called Etsy… I decided to try it out, and was blown away by the response! It has had me so busy I have had to turn down custom requests and special orders to keep up with all my other orders. It has also completely taken over our dining room, I don’t even remember the last time we ate at our dining room table… (our new home has a spare bedroom so I will have my kitchen table back!)

I have decided to help out other home based companies by purchasing their patterns. I have found several great moms who make beautiful patterns, and have loved working with them to bring you a large variety of products and sizes! I enjoyed coming up with some patterns of my own, but it was very tedious and time consuming… and I don’t have a lot of time to spare these days with all the orders I am filling!

I use the same fabric used for the military uniforms! I order straight from the manufacturer for the best quality! The fabric has never been cut, sewn, or used before it is made into whatever you ordered! I provide all the materials, and they are included in the price.

I can’t wait to get all moved into our new home in Texas, and continuing my sewing adventures! I have missed all my customers and my sewing machine.


Kayee’s Kloset is having a PCSing sale. Check it out you won’t want to miss it!

Want a discount? Order NOW while I am PCSing, and get $5 off your order! My website’s prices have already been discounted for easy, no hassle purchasing! Prefer to use Etsy? Than get free shipping using the code: FORTBLISS! Both sites use paypal, a safe and trusted source for handling sales.

Your purchase will be made in the order it was placed, as soon as my equipment arrives to me in Fort Bliss, TX.”

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