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Ms. MommyHH6 & Operation United Hearts

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Ms MommyHH6I am very excited to share a great blogger with you today! Ms. Mommy HH6 (Raven) is an army wife of 10 years and also a special needs mommy to two beautiful little girls. She is an avid blogger, a special needs advocate, and also an advocate for military spouses in need. She also is the founder of Moms of Special Needs Army Brats and Operation United Hearts (which I will be explaining more about below).

Ms. MommyHH6About the Blog:

  • Focus: “The focus on Ms. MommyHH6 is moms! All moms, especially military moms and special needs moms.”
  • Blog Topics: “There is a weekly profile on a special needs mom or a military spouse business owner. Product and book reviews are also a weekly staple. Topics covered on a rotating basis by Ms. MommyHH6 and guest bloggers are Cooking Simply, Cleaning & Laundry Tips, Organizing for Home & Life, Children’s Activities, Just for Mom, Special Needs Family Tips and Military Life ‘Simplified.'”

 I asked Raven what the “HH6” stood for and this is what she said:

“HH6 = Household 6.  In the Army, 6 is the call sign for the commander (of the battalion, brigade, division, etc). For example, If the unit’s mascot was ‘The Spartans’ the commander would be Spartan 6. In a military  household, the wife is HH6. It’s a play on the Army’s call sign.”
You can find Ms. Mommy HH6 here:

Operation United HeartsNot only does Raven run a blog, but she also has recently started a group called Operation United Hearts to help military families in need. So far the group has raised over $300. for a family at Fort Lee who lost everything in a fire in November 2012. The group has already picked another family to help and is already planning an event in March to raise money.

The goal of the group is to bring bloggers and others together over the internet and use social media and technology to make a difference. Raven’s word for 2013 is unite and she hopes to unite more bloggers in this cause in 2013. If you want to help make a difference, consider lending your time, resources, money or even blog to this cause!

Wish Upon a Hero Project
Raven does so much for other people through her blog and through Operation United Hearts and because of that there is something else I would like to share with you: another way to reach out and help someone in need – a special needs opportunity. This is very near and dear to my heart because as you know I have a son with Autism. I know what it takes to get through each day and the amount of very special love put into each child.

Raven’s daughter, “Blondie” as she is so fondly nicknamed, has Autism and will be turning 6 years old very soon. Her one wish is to have a dinosaur themed birthday and room before her daddy deploys. This is what Raven says about her daughter:

“Blondie will be 6 soon and she loves dinosaurs. She is on the Autism spectrum and dinosaurs is her focus. She can talk to you all day about them, in detail. She wants to be a paleontologist. Her teacher told us that in her 20+ years of teaching no child has ever told her 1) they want to be a paleontologist and 2) described it in detail (words and drawings).

She loves building things, pretending to dig for dinosaur bones and reading or watching anything dinosaur related. I asked her what she wants for her birthday and she said a dinosaur room! We cannot afford to make this dream come true for her. Which is where you and Wish Upon a Hero come in. I really want to be able to throw her a wonderful birthday party full of dinosaurs, dinosaur toys, decorations, dinosaur furniture (she picked it all out, she is a genius on the computer)  for her room and more before her dad deploys and we PCS.”

Help a Special needs Child
Raven’s little girl: “Blondie”

You can help make this dream come true by:

Or find our more about Blondie’s wish and Wish Upon a Hero Foundation here:


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