How Military Families Can Check on Their Home After a Hurricane

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With the start of hurricane season and all the hurricanes that have been hitting, many people and especially many military families have been impacted. Military families travel a lot, they own multiple homes that they may rent out, and they need a way to check on their homes and the homes of their family around the country after a hurricane.

This post was written after I was offered a trip (paid by USAA) to join 30 other digital influencers on a tour of USAA Headquarters and for networking. The information in this post was one of the many amazing things I learned while on this trip and all opinions included are my own.

Recently, USAA stepped forward to fill this need in a way that I found absolutely amazing!

While USAA is mainly for military families, their membership is open to active, retired, and honorably separated military members along with those in commissioning programs such as the Air Force Academy, ROTC, OCS, and OTS. Children of these military members may also continue using USAA and have access to membership.” – Hull Financial Planning

The best thing about USAA filling this need is that you do NOT have to be a USAA member to use their new tool for checking on homes after a hurricane.

So how does this new tool work?

How Military Families Can Check on Their Home After a Hurricane

How to Check on Your Home After a Hurricane

Step 1: Go to www.usaa.com/labs/viewmaps.

Step 2: Click on the hurricane you want to see damage from.

Step 3: Type in your home address or the address of the home you want to see.

Step 4: Use the plus and minus signs to view any damage to your home and around your home.

It’s literally that easy!

Here’s an example of an address I put into USAA’s tool. Before, the building in the circle had a roof. After, it was completely demolished.

Before and After Hurricane

Also, check out this quick “How-To” video!

Looking for a few more resources on how to prepare your family for a hurricane?

What about YOU? What are your tips for preparing and surviving a hurricane?

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