The Twenty5 Project

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Awhile back I came across the blog of the very unique and wonderful Melissa Jaine. She is an Australian girl with a Scottish heritage which fascinates me to no end. She also has a passion for those in service to the military whether they be Australian, British, or American.

I originally found her blog through Pinterest. Someone had posted about a interview series she does on her blog for military wives and women who are in the service. She was looking for more people to interview, so I told her I would love to be interviewed! That post has not posted yet, but when it does I will be sure to let you know.

Since then, Melissa has contacted me about a new project: The Twenty5 Project. She has started a wonderful way to raise support for military families all over the world, and she is going to have her advertisement about it on my blog. I am really excited to show you what her project is all about!

Melissa sells beautiful art designs that are downloadable for only $1.00. That’s right, I said only a $1.00! Not only that, but 25%  of that money goes to military charities that Melissa has picked out. Some of the charities include: Operation Gratitude, Our Military Kids, Pets for Patriots, Soldier’s Angels, and Wounded Warrior Project. You can see a full list of the charities here: 25 Charities.

The very talented Melissa designs the art herself and is very passionate about it and her cause. She says, “Getting to know these women through the interviews they send me, sparked the idea behind The Twenty5 Project. These women may be ‘married to the Military’ but like any other woman they are many and every other things besides.

There are tons of things you can do with this art, from hanging it on your walls, refrigerator, or mirror, to using it online as a computer background, in graphics, and more! Here are some more ideas you for what to do with Melissa’s art: Print and Display.  And here is a little about what Melissa wishes for her art: “Today, not everyone can afford to buy art prints. But everyone wants something nice to put up in their home. My wish and intention is to provide something new and fresh that everyone can afford, and can afford to change every few months or whenever it pleases them.

There are a ton of prints that you can choose from, but here are a few of my favorites:

Click for larger version.
Click for larger version.
My personal favorite! (Click for larger version.)

You can download these and more here: http://thetwenty5project.bigcartel.com/. Just remember, for every dollar you spend, 25 cents will be sent to a military charity! Let Melissa know what you think of her art, leave a comment below.

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