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Miracle-Grow Gro-ables for Kids

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro Gro-ables for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ll be honest. I do not have a green thumb. But I love plants and remember helping my mom in the garden as a child. We had tomatoes and cucumbers for vegetables, and raspberries and strawberries for fruit. My brothers and I would ask every day if it was time to go pick the fruit or if our tomatoes were ripe enough to eat. And eating those fresh fruits and vegetables with our dinner was the highlight of our week!

Since then, I haven’t really done any planting or gardening. We live in Colorado now and it can be hard to grow things here with how dry it is. Last summer my son really wanted to grow something. He had been learning about growing plants in school and decided he was going to take some of the seeds out of his grapes and go out and plant them in our backyard.


His grape seeds never grew, but I loved his heart for gardening. This spring, I decided to surprise him. I bought some pots, potting mix, and a little shovel and I showed him the fun seed pods that we were going to plant: Gro-ables from Miracle-Gro.

Miracle-Gro Gro-ables for Kids - the perfect spring activity!

The best thing about this Gro-ables from Miracle-Gro is that they are guaranteed to grow! I was so excited about that because I wanted my son to learn about planting and how food grows.

We picked four different seed pods to plant. My son, Adam picked Roma tomatoes, and since I am obsessed with fresh herbs I picked two flavors of basil and parsley.

I opened the bag of potting mix and showed him how to use the shovel to put it in the pots. We made a bit of a mess, but we had a lot of fun! Next we peeled the labels off of the seed pods. I wanted to save them so that we could remember which plant was which.

I had him push each seed pod into the potting mix until the top of the seed pod was level with the potting mix’s surface. We talked about the little yellow balls of plant food we saw on top, and how it helps the plants grow strong and healthy. He really enjoyed learning about how it worked!

After, we carried the pots to our back deck to find the best place our plants could get some sun. They stayed outside for a week and then we had to bring them inside due to a very late spring snowstorm. I made sure that whether they were inside or out they were fully taken care of.

Potted Plants

Next, I showed my son how to gently water the plants so not to flood them. I didn’t have a watering can so we made due with a rather large measuring cup! Since then we have learned to remind each other about watering the seed pods. Some days I remember, and some days he remembers, but we work as a team to get the job done!

My son has excitedly looked every day to see if his plants have grown yet. I told him it takes a little bit and his patience finally paid off. Yesterday morning when we went to water the plants, each one had a little green bit coming up from the potting mix. He was so excited, he ran in to tell his dad. I love seeing him learn about plants and being able to grow something himself. And I can’t wait to be able to taste some of those fresh tomatoes and herbs either!

The Gro-ables Project:

Another great thing about the Miracle-Gro Gro-ables is their mission:

“At Miracle-Gro®, we believe that there’s a lot to learn from even the smallest plants.  So we started The Gro-ables® Project: a movement to share the joy of growing herbs and veggies while giving kids truly hands-on learning experiences.  Join us by planting your own Gro-ables, taking part in the activities below and sharing your story!”

There has been so much I was able to teach my son about planting and gardening and these little plants have taught both of us a lot! Here are just a few ways you can use these Gro-ables:

  • The perfect spring activity to get your kids out of the house.
  • Help teach your child about chores and responsibility (ie: remembering to water plants).
  • A great project to do in your classroom.
  • A great way to spend one-on-one time with your child.
  • A perfect Mother’s Day gift that you can do together.
  • Makes a great gift for a child to give to their teacher or a friend.

Want to learn more? Check out the Gro-ables Project! Share your #GroablesProject and see what other’s are sharing too on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

What about YOU? Have you ever used Gro-ables? What are your tips on growing plants with your kids?

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