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Pure Romance with Rachel

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Photo From Pure Romance Website

Rachel is a wonderful girl and a great sponsor of my blog. She is a consultant for a company called Pure Romance which is a company “dedicated to improving women’s intimate lives—and having fun while doing it!” She hosts parties at people’s houses or you can buy from her online.

Here is a little about what Rachel says about working for Pure Romance and hosting parties:

“One of the things I LOVE about Pure Romance is uplifting women!! Everyone thinks this is just another “naughty” business but we really specialize in pampering and bringing a love life back to life! They really train us on educating and empowering women. I really try to keep my presentations as close to PG-13 as possible. It’s just plain FUN!!

I love being in the ordering room and talking with women about how they really feel about their husband. It’s like therapy for them because I am a really good secret keeper. I take pride in knowing that someone on the edge of divorce because of lack of intimacy is now happily married (to the same person).”

Not only does the Pure Romance line sell intimate products, you can also buy products for beauty (makeup and perfume), bath, and massage! Their site says, “Pure Romance is proud to offer the best in bath, beauty, and bedroom accessories. We make it easy to shop discreetly for yourself, your spouse, a friend in need of some pampering, or bride-to-be preparing for her honeymoon.”

The cool thing about Rachel is that she is also a military spouse  AND a military veteran! She says, “I got out of the military 3 years ago (Active Duty) to be at home with my munchkins. Although I LOVED being an Airman, deploying every 6 months just wasn’t ideal with a family! My hubby is still in and we usually deployed together so I just didn’t want that for my boys.” What a wonderful sacrifice she made to be with her family!

If you are interested in any of the Pure Romance products you can host a party with Rachel.  She says, “My hostess gets the best deal of all. 10% of party sales in FREE product, up to 3 half priced items, and 10% off any order for 6 months. All this along with what I hand out at the show.” You can also shop her online website: www.rachelkovach.pureromance.com

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