5 Ways to Independently Grow Your Military Marriage

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As a military spouse, I am well aware of the toll military life leaves on marriage. Marriage is hard work, and while it does take two to make it work, there are plenty of things we as spouses can do to grow our military marriage.

I’ve talked about the topic of military marriages many times here on the blog:

But this time, I want to show you how you can work on your military marriage independently and make changes to help yourself grow emotionally and mind and body. Ready to start? Let’s go!

5 Ways to Independently Grow Your Military Marriage

Grow Your Military Marriage Independently

1. Take Care of Yourself Through Self-Care Techniques.
Due to the busyness and stress of military life, military spouses tend to forget about taking care of themselves. We spend so much time worrying about the military member, the kids, the house, the finances, and everything else, that we find there’s no time left for us.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Many military spouses feel like they have to push through without any help in order to appear “strong.” Asking for help during a deployment or even when your spouse is home is not something that is weak.

In fact, it makes you appear more strong and independent because you are mature enough to know when you need help.

So hire a babysitter, take that yoga class, or go out with a friend. Make the time to treat yourself and take care of yourself. Find a moment to just relax. Your marriage, your spouse, and your kids will thank you for it!

2. Take Care of Your Mind Through Mental Health Awareness.
This is another topic I talk about a lot on my blog because it is so important. Many military families tend to worry about the military member’s mental health as they should, but sometimes the military spouses get forgotten about and their mental health is not thought about until it’s too late.

Don’t let this be you! Go to counseling if you need to. Go to military marriage counseling with your spouse, get the help you need and don’t be afraid to do it! Getting help handling the stress of military life and a military marriage is the right thing to do.

3. Take Care of Your Body Through Exercise, Health, and Wellness.
We all know that exercising and eating healthy is important. During my husband’s first deployment I worked hard to be healthy and fit by the time he came home. I even lost 25 pounds!

Doing these things help make a better YOU and having a better you will affect your marriage and family for the good. Remember: “Happy wife [or husband], happy life.

4. Attend This Year’s Military Spouse Wellness Summit.

Military Spouse Wellness Summit

  • What is it? The Military Spouse Wellness Summit is an ONLINE event that brings you ten guest expert interviews to listen to in the comfort of your home or on the go, plus an array of holistic marriage resources. This year the discussion will be about how to achieve health and wellness independently in mind, body, and emotion and thereby impacting your military marriage.
  • Who Can Sign Up? Spouses of U.S. active duty members, retirees, national guard, and reservists.
  • When is it? The Summit begins Monday, October 17 and ends Friday, October 22 with a bonus day on Saturday when we announce they will announce the big grand-prize winner donated by Military Benefit Association!
  • Where is it? You can listen online! Join while on a walk enjoying the fall weather or tearing it up at the gym.
  • General Admission: Participants will be able to listen to the recordings anytime during the week of the event (Oct. 17-23) for free.

Ready to Join? 
Join InDependent, Corie Weathers, and Armed Forces Insurance at the second annual Military Spouse Wellness Summit: Happily Ever After 2016. Use code EARLYBIRD at checkout to get a 44% discount on VIP admission between now and October 1.

Register Wellness Summit

What about YOU? How do you grow your military marriage? Will you be attending the Military Spouse Summit?

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  1. As a fellow military wife I greatly appreciate a post like this. Keeping a marriage in the military life, during a deployment especially, is rough, but with God all things are possible! I’m finally learning that 3 deployments in. I love your blog and I love your message❤️

    1. Hi Elaine,
      Thank you for the comment! It can be a hard lesson to learn, but I’m so glad that things are getting better through Christ. I’m a new follower on your social media! <3

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