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Daddy’s Deployed Personalized Books (Review & Giveaway)

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Have you ever looked for  the perfect book to help explain to your military child about the separations and changes of military life? Bridget Platt from Daddy’s Deployed LLC did too and she didn’t like what she found.

When we found out my husband would be deploying, I ordered every children’s book on military separation I could find. When they started arriving in our mailbox, tears would fill my eyes each time I opened a package and saw sad faces staring at me from the cover. That was not what I wanted our daughter to think her life was going to be like. Her daddy is brave and loves her, and she is a strong little girl who would have happy memories of sending him care packages filled with all of our favorite things.”

Bridget decided to change things by writing her own stories including, Daddy’s Deployed, Mommy’s Deployed, and Home is Where Our Hero is. These stories include two generalized books that you can give to any family, but the heart of Daddy’s Deployed is the personalized stories made to fit your family.

Daddy's Deployed Books

Each of the books are personalized to fit your family and your military member. You can personalize how many kids your family has up to four kids, the military member’s branch of service, rank, and uniform, and much much more!

If you would rather have a more generalized version of these books that’s not personalized, there is a version of each to pick from. I received two of these non-personalized books to review and my kids just loved them!

My Review of the Daddy’s Deployed Books

Daddy's DeployedBoth books are written through the eyes of the kids and take you on a journey through the before, during, and after time in a deployment. In Daddy’s Deployed, the kids talk about the adventures they have before their daddy deploys, how they help him back, and how they say goodbye. The kids continue the story with all the cool things they do while daddy is gone and how they include him even though he’s far away.

home is where our hero isIn Home is Where Our Hero is, the kids talk about how they have to move away and how sad they feel. The book addresses a lot of the worries that kids have about missing their friends, the moving process, and where all their toys will go.

Throughout the book, the kids realize that the move is an adventure and they make the best of the situation right in time to enjoy their new house and make new friends. I love that at the end of the book it includes a place for the kids to add addresses of friends both new and old.

Overall these books were very well written and are perfect for any military family! My kids loved the stories and the bright colors and my son loved that one of the boy’s names was the same as his. We’ve read them over and over since receiving them and I wish I had known about them before we had PCS’d. I’m just glad we will have these ready the next time my husband deploys!

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