Never Forget

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Never ForgetIf I were to interview someone who had been in the towers that day eleven years ago, someone who had died and lost their life in sacrifice for others, I think they would have a lot to say… Would they be disappointed in the ways we have chosen to remember, or happy in the ways that that day brought so many Americans together? I am not sure exactly what they would say, but I think they would tell us to NEVER FORGET.

They would tell us to NEVER FORGET that day, the hundreds that died and the sacrifices that were made. To never let that day be erased from our memories. They would tell us to never forget their families and the families of those who died. They would tell us to love them, take care of them, check on them and make sure they are ok.

They would tell us to NEVER FORGET the brave men and women who fought that day to save those they could. The policemen, the firefighters, and those who volunteered their lives. They would say it didn’t matter that day what someone’s political party was, or what prejudices someone had. That day everyone came together to save lives and to risk their own.

They would tell us to NEVER FORGET our military members that day and for the years to come. All those who fought, who left their families behind, who did so so unselfishly. They would tell us to never forget those who died fighting for this country, who died fighting this fight, and those who continue to die while still over there.

They would tell us to NEVER FORGET the families of those military members, the ones who have lost a son, a daughter, a brother, a sister, a father, or mother. To look after those families and to care for them. They would tell us to never forget the families of those who have been fighting for the past eleven years. The children who watched their daddy’s walk away, the wives who missed their husbands each and every night, and the sacrifice these families gave and continue to give so that America continues to be a safe place to live.

They would beg us to NEVER FORGET, even after a long eleven years. To never forget.

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