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Dear Deployment: Sincerely, Megan

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Dear DeploymentDear Deployment,

There were things about you that I expected to learn… Things like just how much I love my husband. Learning to be independent and confident. Learning how to take care of 2 young children all on my own. And all those typical things like how the heck Tricare works and the time difference between here and Afghanistan.

What I did not expect to learn was that I CAN kill a spider on my own,  I can speak up for myself, and I can get through the toughest day with a lot of prayer, a good cup of tea, and an episode of Modern Family.

More importantly I have learned these things:

  • Who my true friends are.
  • That although I LOVE my husband and want him in my life, I do not need him in order to be myself and to survive.
  • I can endure SO much more than I ever thought I could (at the beginning, I thought I’d never figure out how to carry a 20+ lb. baby in the sweltering summer heat while wrangling a toddler all while dealing with severe joint pain).
  • My relationship with God… Is MINE. I can pray, go to church, and speak God’s Word… Without my husband there to lead me.
  • I am beautiful. This one surprised me because it was a very unexpected lesson… I am beautiful because I am me and not because someone is around to tell me so. God made me this way and I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I only need God’s opinion, although I don’t mind (and still want) my husband’s opinion.
 So Deployment, I’m almost to the half way point… And I’ve learned all this and more…. What else do you have? Bring it!

deployment letterMy name is Megan and I am a stay at home mom of two little boys, Ian (almost 2) and Andrew (almost 8 months) and the wife of my high school crush, Jeff, who is a U.S. Navy Seabee! I’ve know him since we were 12 and we’ve married for 3 1/2 years. God, my husband and my children are my priorities and passion. I love music, acting, and writing and I’m excited to see how God uses me to help and bring His love to others through my talents and life!

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  1. I totally understand! I have come to learn who my real friends are during this year apart and it’s only been a month before all of my “friends” went off to the mountains to get away from the tears and the needs.

    I’m thankful for the friends that do actually care and are helping me when I need it the most like today.

    Thanks for this post so much!

    1. Dina, hopefully you have also made new friends through this, as I have. 🙂 hang in there! Even if we don’t know you personally, know you have a huge support system and “built-in” friends! 🙂

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