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For those of you who may not have noticed, I have a military resources tab at the top of the page. I know that there are so many helpful websites out there, and I want everyone to know of these great sites that can be a help and an encouragement! I will try to highlight a few each week, and also post the list on my fan page. The words that are italicized and in quotes are directly from the site quoting what it is about.

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I think a lot of you have probably heard about this site, and read the magazine, but if not this site is full of information, quizzes, discussion boards and more!
“Monthly magazine devoted to the 1.1 million military spouses of active duty and reserve troops, who serve as the anchors for their families.”
Military ToGo
A great site for cheap plane tickets!
“ has been the #1 choice of Military Personnel for 4 years running! We are THE ONLY Travel site dedicated to helping Military members find the BEST deals on travel.”

Operation Love ReUnited

This is an amazing site that is dedicated to taking pictures of your deployment homecomings! You can search for a photographer in your area on the site, and the pictures are absolutely incredible!
“When your loved one comes home from a deployment, the last thought on your mind will be your camera. Most people are so overwhelmed with emotions, they simply forget they are holding it in their hand. Once you find out about the time your loved one is to return from his or her deployment, please let your photographer know. They will want to accompany your family to the welcoming home of your spouse or loved one, and capture that first glimpse, that first embrace, and all the love that surrounds every person who walks off that plane, into their families arms.”
A great site dedicated to helping military families stay in touch through the use of video.
“TroopTube is the new online video site designed to help military families connect and keep in touch while miles apart. The site is designed for easy use, so you can quickly upload videos and share the simple joys of each day with each other.”
Armed Forces Crossroads has tons of helpful information on topics such as: Deployment, Casualty & Loss, Relocation, Military Special Offers, and even a Spouse Network!
“Supporting the Military Community.”

A fun website full of comics that depict the daily rigors of military life. I love this site, I spent a night reading all of them to my husband and we were cracking up!
“Jenny follows the adventures of a young Air Force spouse determined to overcome the challenges of a military lifestyle.
Drawn from the real lives of both contributors and the cartoonist, Jenny’s experiences reflect the humor, ingenuity, and sheer determination necessary to be successful as the spouse of an active duty military member.”


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  1. You definitely need to include in your resource links for military spouses (not just wives, though that's mostly what you'll see there). This is a very informative place. They have regular bloggers who are milspouses, and they post a lot of good information as well. A good support place!

  2. Great links! 😀

    Also a great one to check out for weekly vacations at an AWESOME rate for military is and not just here in the states but around the world. 😀

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