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Love that Endures

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Recently, a lovely woman asked me if she could do a guest post on my blog. I was delighted and hope that you enjoy her post! Her name is Camille, and she blogs at: babypickel.wordpress.com. She also has a website: babypickel.com Here is a little info on her, her blog, and the amazing work she does to help single mothers!

Bio: I am a 23 year old graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a year of the “real world” under my belt. I have a very strong passion for helping those who are in need. It has been such a blessing (and an honor!) that God had my paths cross with Baby Pickel during the brink of their birth. (We are currently working to help single mothers and families who are in dire need of support – whether it be just an open ear or a lent hand (clothes, food, etc.) for their family. We are driven by God – we are doing what he commands us to do – help & love others in ANY way possible.) I lead a simple, but fulfilling life that consists of spending time with God, family/friends, working out, and enjoying the beauty of photography. With every person I encounter, I strive to show how much God loves each and every person – I pray that I warm every person’s heart in some way. One of (and I have many!) goals is to be a Psalms 31 woman.

Info in Blog/Why Blogging: Our company, Baby Pickel, is what leads me to blogging. Baby Pickel is focusing on mothers and families who are in need who are in dire need of some special assistance. We have constant donations of baby clothes, toys, items, etc. that are coming in that we are able to bless those who are in need with. In order to help those out financially, we are have a homemade jar that is our pride & joy – the contents of these baby jars has been hand selected to fit a variety of needs for expecting mothers. This gives us the ability to help those out in a financial manner.
The blog is about our company’s progress with blessing mommies, pumped with messages to inspire all who read it! A lot of the inspiration comes from situations we encounter on a daily basis – our lives are blessed with so much inspiration that is touched by God, that the blog comes easy!


I hope you enjoy her blog post, and go visit her blog and her site!

Blog Post:
There is an absolutely wonderful Worship song that I have always loved to sing – “Blessed be the Name.” Oh, what a brilliant Worship song, even if it often gets stuck in my head. (Kind of like, ohhh, I’m singing in the rain!)

“Every blessing you pour out, I turn back to praise!” I am very thankful that this song often gets stuck in my head, it has been such a good reminder to always praise and thank God after He blesses me. Even with something that the general public will deem as “small” – I have learned that it is ever so important to give thanks for it.

I was actually thinking about that today – how much more thanks I give since being saved. Now, I’m not trying to say I never thanked anyone before I was saved, but I sure never gave it to the one who deserved it – God.

Today I was going through all of my “snail” mail and came across something from my bank. Enclosed in it was a new credit card. Apparently my bank had so many fraudulent charges done to their customers that they started to send out new credit cards to all of their customers – just to be safe. It also stated that my old credit card would no longer be working. I went through a phase where I was using my credit card all of the time, so that I could gain some “World Points” to eventually cash in and get a gift certificate from somewhere of my choice. For some reason I recently started using my debit card again – no more credit card. It was no coincidence that I stopped using my credit card – if I used it, it would have gotten declined (since it was no longer active and I was supposed to be using the new credit card.) How embarrassing would that have been! I know that that is extremely vain for me to even say – who cares what other people think? We really should only care what God thinks. Regardless, I would have been a little upset as to why my credit card was not working. But, God was looking out for me.

I am not sure if it has been that the more obedient I am, the more He blesses me…or just that lately, I have been noticing it way more that I used to. No matter what it is, “they will celebrated Your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness” (Psalm 145:7, NIV.) Every morning, I wake up, and the first thought I have – and the first thing I say – is “thank you Jesus for this beautiful day!” It is so amazing – I don’t even think about it anymore…those are the words that immediately come out of my mouth. What better way to start your morning? And how happy do you think that makes God? I think it makes him incredibly happy!

I know I should not get any glory or happiness from thanking God for what he does for me on a minute to minute basis…but I do. I think it’s because it reminds me of how much He truly loves me. And that is something no one can ever take away from me – no matter what they might say after I fervently tell them how He has blessed me.

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.” (Psalm 107:1, NIV)

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