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15 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong During Deployment

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Keeping your marriage strong is hard work, but keeping your marriage strong during deployment can be even harder because of the distance. Even though your spouse may be thousands of miles away, there are plenty of unique things you can do to stay close and keep your marriage strong.

Keep Your Marriage Strong During Deployment

Unique Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong During Deployment:

1. Read. Read Military Marriage Books, Read Deployment Books. Read the Same Book together and Then Chat/Email about it.

2. Find Creative Ways to Say “I love you” From a Distance.

3. Make Time to Get to Know Your Spouse Better.

4. Take the Deployment Love Dare.

5. Focus on Your Love.

6. Pray for Your Spouse Every Day.

7. Continue to Celebrate the Little Things: Dates, Anniversaries, Holidays… Just because!

8. Use Apps to Stay Close.

9. Protect Your Heart.

10. Send Kisses.

11. Remind your Spouse of your Love.

12. Incorporate Physical Touch From Afar.

13. Go on Deployment Dates

14. Fight for Your Marriage

15. Take a Marriage Challenge

What are some things YOU have done to keep your marriage strong during deployments?

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