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Shopping the Kids & Baby Sale at Old Navy

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Old Navy is having a wonderful “Kids & Baby Sale” going on right now and we were given a $75.oo gift card to go shopping for my son, Adam. I was really excited as the only pants that fit him are the ones at Old Navy because they have the adjustable waistbands to help them stay up! We headed out into the beautiful sunshine this past Saturday and stopped for lunch on the way to Old Navy.

Shopping at Old Navy
Adam and I Shopping for Jeans.

When we got there, I headed right toward the back section where I knew the toddler boy’s clothes were and right for the pants- specifically the jeans!

Speaking of jeans… did you know that Old Navy carries several different styles of jeans just like the different styles of jeans women look for when they are shopping? I had no idea! They carry jeans that are regular, boot cut, loose-fit and even skinny jeans!

Anyways as a mama of an autistic boy I appreciated that Old Navy had loose-fit jeans because my son is and can be very particular about his clothing.

While I was shopping for jeans my husband was going crazy looking at the graphic t-shirts for Adam and pulling out all kinds of crazy things! I quickly finished with my jeans selection and moved onto looking at what my husband had picked out. He is a “pick it up, buy it, and leave” kind of shopper where I like to just slowly browse around while I make up my mind. We finally decided on two graphic t-shirts: a batman one and a star wars one.

Next, we decided to look for some more dressy clothes for Adam for church. I always love dressing up for church and I love to dress up my son too. We were able to find several dress shirts and one even came with a tie which I just loved! We also picked out a sweater and crew neck shirt that I thought looked pretty snazzy.

Kids Clothes at Old Navy
Adam in the crew neck t-shirt and new jeans!

As we were leaving to head to the register, I saw a rack of kid’s socks and just had to grab a pack! My son is constantly loosing his socks and I am constantly trying to find a pair when we are running out the door. I was glad to find several pairs for only $5.00.

All-in-all we had a great experience at Old Navy. There were lots of choices to choose from which I loved. In fact, there were so many that both my husband and I wished we could grab one of everything. It was just that hard to pick! I thought the sale prices were wonderful and at the end I was actually shocked at how much we saved on everything (which I will tell you about below).

It was a quick shopping trip and since Adam is only two and half he didn’t need to try any of the clothes on, but I did want to mention that there was this wonderful employee who was working in the area at the time we were there. We told her why we were there and she was chatting it up with Adam and tickling him. She was so helpful and friendly and was able to answer any questions we had. It was just nice to see someone who seemed genuinely happy to work there and that wanted to help and be with customers.

When we got home, I laid out all the clothes I bought for Adam and took a few pictures too. Here is what we came away with:

Old Navy Great Prices
$86.00 total with a savings total of $44.00!!

So we spent a total of $86.00, but saved a little over $44.oo. What an amazing deal! Interested in buying the same outfits? Check them all out at the links below. The sale runs from Thursday, February 7 – Wednesday, February 20 and you can shop online or in-store.

On the way out of the store, my husband had seen the exact same batman t-shirt that we had got my son, in an adult size. After we got home, he decided it would be fun to match him so he went back and got it for himself. Here are the pictures of both of them wearing their shirts. Don’t they look like models?

Old Navy T-Shirts

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. how awesome!!! what a great shopping trip! I’ve never shopped for the kids at old navy, but I might have to check it out now!!! My boy needs an adjustable waistband because his diaper is too big for the pants that fit him lengthwise, so I bet that could be really helpful for us as well!!! 🙂

    thanks for sharing about your trip!

    1. You never have?? Oh wow you totally should. 🙂 I usually shop at thrift shops, or goodwill for him, but I he really needs the adjustable waistbands! No problem about sharing, glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I love OLD NAVY for my kids and your right about the women’s jeans … they are the only jeans I can find that fit me nicely and they have a big selection to choose from too!!! 🙂

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