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Weddington WayBridesmaids dresses

Who doesn’t love weddings? I know I do! I think the best part after having your own wedding in being in one. Being a bridesmaid is a lot of fun and I actually was a bridesmaid for the first time ever last year, but before I tell you about that I want to tell you about this awesome site called WeddingtonWay.

Weddington Way is a site for the whole wedding party to collaborate on what are the best color themes, dresses and more for the whole party! Wedding Way carries bridesmaid dresses and accessories, groomsmen accessories, jewelry, flower girl dresses, junior bridesmaid dresses and maternity bridesmaid dresses. They have quite the collection too! As I looked over the bridesmaid dresses I saw many beautiful styles that I would just love to wear if I were a bridesmaid in a wedding again. I also loved the color schemes and how different from a lot of the other wedding sites they are.

Me in my bridesmaid dress.

Not only can you share and “like” dresses and colors with your wedding party on this site, but you can also view real wedding photos and stories from other brides who have used the site to purchase dresses and accessories for their bridal party. I also love that you can shop by color, designer, wedding theme, season and body shape!

Their size chart is amazing and explains exactly how to figure out your measurements -especially if you are going to purchase a dress online without trying it on first. I know when I was trying to figure out my measurements for my bridesmaid dress it took me forever to figure out how to do it. Wedding Way has a video right on their site that explains how to do it so it takes all the hard work out of it!

Project Dress-Up

Another awesome thing about Weddington Way is that they have partnered up with an organization called The Princess Project to help give prom dresses to young women who cannot afford them. Additionally, you can send in your “lightly used” dresses to Wedding Way as a donation and they will send you a $25.00 voucher toward a new bridesmaid dress on their site. How awesome is that?

Being in a  wedding is such an honor. I was in my sister in-law’s wedding in January 2012 and I had such a nice time being there for her and watching her marry the man she loved. I know for sure that a site like this would have been a big help to my sister-in-law and even to me in choosing a dress. I will definitely be recommending this site to others!

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