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15+ Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Wife

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It’s that time of the year again, where we get to try and find the perfect gift for the ones we love! Last year I did 245+ Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Husband and this year I want to focus on gifts for the wives.

A lot of wives tend to ask for gifts that they need instead of what they want. This year, instead of getting the love of your life something she might just need, get her something she really wants!

Find the Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Wife Here:

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Wife

1. A Beautiful Pearl Necklace – This year, get your wife a beautiful pearl necklace, something almost every woman would love to have. She may not have asked for one, but I’d be willing to bet she’d love a pair. One of our readers says: “Some pearls would be nice but I asked for a new vacuum…” – Samantha.

2. A Rhythm Clock – This idea comes right from one of our readers. These clocks are absolutely gorgeous and definitely a unique gift, sure to delight your wife! Christina says, “I fell in love with these type of clocks when I first saw them. They are mesmerizing.”

3. Anything Chevron – Chevron is IN and buying something in this pattern most likely means you can’t go wrong! Try one of these items to start with: Pink Chevron Pillow Case or A Chevron Laptop Bag.

4. A Flirty Apron – I am a huge fan of these aprons. I have wanted one for awhile (hint hint husband), and I love that there is a style for everyone. They are cute, flirty, and fun!

5. Corningware Bake Set – Does your wife like to cook or bake? These are the perfect gift this Christmas! How do I know? Because they were gifted to me and I LOVE them!

6. AlphabetPIX Art – Easy, yet very detailed word art. You could get your wife’s name or “I love you.” Very sweet and personalized gift. Check it out today!

7. Hot Cold Lavender Eye Mask Pillow – Does your wife need some stress relief? This is the perfect and unique gift to show her that you care. Give her this gift and also some time to use it!

8. A Diamond – Looking to buy your wife diamond jewelry? Try Blue Nile! Beautiful and unique diamond jewelry, perfect enough for any woman.

9. An Origami Owl Necklace – If your wife doesn’t have one of these already, this gift is a definite MUST! It’s a charm necklace that is personalized. Giving your wife this gift, will show her that you know her better than anyone else by the charms that you choose.

10. Pewter Heart – Melt your wife’s heart with this unique and personalized pewter heart to hang on your wall. She’ll hold it near and dear to her heart for years to come.

11. Essential Oils – Essential Oils are all the rage right now. While there are many to choose from, a few simple oils or a few oil kits will most likely make your wife very happy.

12. BOOKS – For the most part you really can’t go wrong with books. A lot of women like to read, it’s just knowing what kind of books your wife likes! Here are a fews suggestions to get you started: The Complete C. S. Lewis Signature Classics, You’re Already Amazing: Embracing Who You Are…Women of Courage: 31 Daily Devotional Bible Readings, Happy Wives Club.

13. A Mom Vacation – This isn’t a tangible item, but it’s something your wife (if she’s a mother) will LOVE. This Christmas give her the gift of 24 hours away. See tips here: Moms on Vacation: Pure Bliss for 24 Hours.

14. A Cleaning Service – Your wife works hard. Give her the month off, by getting a cleaning service to come clean the house once or twice. This really is the ultimate gift for those hard-working moms out there!

15. Gift Cards – While this is not a unique gift, it can be special. There are some gift cards that are just a must!

  • Gift card for a Massage – Let her get away and relax to an hour massage away from home.
  • Spa Package – Does your wife love beauty treatments? Send her to the spa with a nice spa gift card!
  • Target Gift Card – What wife doesn’t like Target??
  • Starbucks Gift Card – Every wife needs a little coffee. Whether it’s to keep her going during the day or to use with friends, she’ll love that you thought of her in this way!
  • Victoria’s Secret – What lovely lady wouldn’t want something sweet or sexy to dress up in? You can give her a gift card or better yet, you can pick something out yourself!

Not sure if any of these are the perfect Christmas gift ideas for your wife? Try one of these ideas!

What about YOU? Wives, are these things you would love to have?

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  1. Thanks for the feature Kathryn! I would personally love another mom vacation for Christmas. A little recharge goes a long way, if you know what I mean. My other top picks on this list are essential oils and the rhythm clock. I’ve been meaning to get into essential oils for some time now. Do you ever use them for your kids? I’ve heard that can be a great use as well. Hope things are going well for you! Happy early Thanksgiving!


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