My Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2013

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Keeping up my end-of-the-year tradition, I went through and discovered my most popular posts of 2013. I was surprised and happy at the list and wanted to share the top 10 with you. To read the previous year’s posts click here:

Most Popular Posts of 2013

 My Most Popular Posts of 2013:

make more money with your blog10. 7 Sites to Help You Make More Money With Your Blog
A post about seven legitimate sites that have helped me make money on my blog. Looking to make a little extra money on your blog? Check out this post!




Keep your Military Marriage strong9. 5 Ways to Keep Your Military Marriage Strong
The military lifestyle can be tough, but there are plenty of ways to keep your marriage strong. Check out this post for my advice on five ways to keep your military marriage going strong!




Date Your Spouse8. Never Have Another Reason NOT to Date Your Spouse
A list of the excuses married couples sometimes give to not date their spouse and why they are not good excuses at all! Check out this post for a list of hundreds of websites, date night ideas, and date night questions.



Tips for Children With Feeding Disorders7. Tips for Children With Feeding Disorders
An explanation of what a feeding disorder really is and what we did to help our son. Check out this post for 12 tips for helping your child with a feeding disorder eat.




Apps for Marriage6. 8 Apps to Help Make Your Marriage Even Better
Since smartphones are so popular nowadays I thought it would be fun to find some apps that make marriage more fun! Check out this post for the full list!




Basic Fried Rice5. Basic Fried Rice (Bacon)
A delicious twist on a common recipe. Easy and one of our family favorites. Check out the post for the full recipe.




Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Husband4. 245+ Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Husband
Finding the perfect gift for your husband can be hard work! That’s why this year I compiled a huge list of the perfect gifts. Check out this post to see my top ten recommendations and more!




Country Crock Pot Chicken3. Country Crock Pot Chicken
A delicious chicken and vegetable recipe cooked in the crockpot to perfection! Check out the post for the full instructions on how to make it.




Crock pot cream cheese chicken2. Crock-Pot Cream Cheese Chicken
A creamy blend of cream cheese, chicken broth and cream of chicken soup mixed with a little kick of Italian! Check out the post for the directions for this yummy recipe!




Loaded chicken and potatoes1. Loaded Chicken and Potatoes
With over 224,000 hits on this guest post by military spouse, Sarah this was the top post of the year by far! Check out this post for the directions to this incredible recipe.




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  1. Those recipes are making me hungry!! 🙂 I love bacon fried rice.

    Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to learning from you and others in the Bite-Sized Blogging challenge! 🙂

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