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The Real Reason Motherhood is Exhausting

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As I was thinking about what I could write for Kathryn as she’s either preparing for or recovering from Baby Adam’s arrival, I remembered that she mentioned once that she was a little scared about the whole giving birth thing. I think that’s kind of normal. And healthy. I mean, it IS a bit intimidating to think about everything that goes into bringing a little person into the world!

I have two little girls, they are 6 and 3 now. I remember when I had my first, I was induced and in labor for about 14 hours total. I remember that until they broke my water, I laughed when they asked me if I was in pain. “Pain? What pain? Then they broke my water, and I understood PAIN on a whole new level.

The nurses kept asking me if I wanted anything — mostly an epidural. I kept refusing. Am I a martyr? Nope. Am I anti-drugs? Not necessarily in that particular situation. I am, however, terrified of needles. I think I’ve passed out each and every time I’ve had an IV put in. Or at least had to have had my feet elevated and be given oxygen until my face regains its color. So no epidural for me.

The Real Reason Motherhood is Exhausting

Why Motherhood is Exhausting

I have friends who have had epidurals and can’t imagine not having one. I have friends who choose not to have epidurals because they are determined to bring these babies into the world completely naturally.

And I know that sometimes, some moms decide to look down their noses at other moms for how they have chosen to give birth. Whether they breastfeed or not. When they decide to start giving solids. How they potty train. If they spank, or if they give timeouts.


I know I have my personal preferences for childbirth, my feelings about nursing, about raising children in general — and they are MY personal preferences. Nobody else’s. They work for me and my family, and that’s the important thing.

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It’s unfortunate, but sometimes it seems like we moms have nothing better to do than criticize other mothers. We pick apart how someone else does something, and by the end of a conversation have their life figured out. No wonder why motherhood is exhausting!

Do you know what would probably serve us better? To look for the good in someone’s mothering. To compliment them on it. To build other moms up rather than tear them down. Even if they can’t hear you. Or especially if they can’t hear you. We need the support, we need the encouragement.

Kathryn, I pray that Adam will come into this world when he’s good and ready and that God will give you all peace and comfort about the adventure you’re about to begin! Motherhood is exhausting, but I pray that you will look upward and within as you make the many decisions you’re about to have to make. Adam is going to come into this world with so much love, and I pray you feel love and encouragement as well, from your sweet husband, your family, from the friends you have surrounding you, and from your friends here.

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What about YOU? Has motherhood been exhausting? What is one way you can help another new mom not feel this way?

Today’s scheduled post and guest blogger is: Vanessa at Much More Than a Mommy. Vanessa is a fun and unique blogger who makes you want to come back and read more! I hope you enjoy her post, and then go check out her blog!

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  1. awesome post! i 100% agree with everything Vanessa said!!! and it's true…a lot of Mama's need to get off their high-horse about what they think is "right"!

  2. Absolutely! So well said…it is so exhausting! And sad =( What a blessing to just appreciate others for who they are instead of trying to change them into who you want them to be or harassing them because they are not exactly like you! Great post!!!

  3. I just had my baby girl 4 weeks on wednesday and I have to say I agree people can be down right rude when they find out how you are giving birth. I had to have a section because my baby was breech and people made me feel terrible because I wouldn’t ask my dr to try and turn her which can cause health risk. I did what I had too. Im also cloth diapering and breastfeeding and I’m content.

    1. Aww congrats! My baby girl is 7 weeks last Friday. 🙂 I had a to have a c-section too due to complications with m y son’s birth. I’m sorry people gave you such a hard time about it. You did the right thing and you did what was best for your baby. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Good luck hun!

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