Thoughts of an Overwhelmed Mommy-to-be!

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Ever wonder what runs through the head of a new mommy-to-be? Well here is just a few of my overwhelming thoughts from the past few days!

First of all here is an update on baby Adam. I had my appointment yesterday, and the doctor said if he does not come by next Thursday then they will do an ultrasound and a stress test. If everything is ok, they will let me wait one week to see if he will come on his own before they induce me. If they see that he is stressed or that there is a problem then they will send me to the hospital and induce me that day. She actually offered to induce me on Thursday, but I really would like for him to come on his own.

As far as my thoughts…

I can hardly believe that he can come at anytime. I am weary from all the wondering, preparing and thinking, “Will it be today?” Everyday my husband talks to my tummy and asks the baby, “Is it your birthday today?” And then precedes to sing him happy birthday. I love it! I am so glad he is excited and we are really ready to meet this little guy.

At night I lie awake and think of all the things people have told me, such as “You think you are tired now? Just wait until he comes!”, “Your life will change forever.”, and “Your marriage will never be the same.” Some of this stuff scares me. Actually all of it scares me. I know I will be up at night with the baby, but as far as the energy I feel now, I cannot imagine it getting much worse. How will I have enough strength to take care of a baby, if I feel like I don’t even have enough energy now? I am so grateful I will have help, and I do know I can sleep when the baby sleeps, but everyone saying how bad it is does not help. I also know that my life will change forever, and that is a good thing and partly scary. This little guy will change my life forever and he will be a good change, and hopefully I am up to the challenge! As far as our marriage, I don’t want anything to change. I think we have a good marriage and although it’s far from perfect (because face it, no one’s is) I enjoy every minute of it! I am hoping that instead of things changing too much, that we can grow together in this, and take it one day at a time. I don’t want things to change because we have a baby, I still want to put our marriage first, (after God of course) and still do most of the things we do now!

I have also been thinking about myself. Now that I am going to be a mom, I have to set a good example, and I need to be a better wife. I have been thinking that we need to start eating healthier. I want Adam to eat healthy and so that definitely is going to have start with us, his parents. The problem is my husband will not eat anything even remotely healthy, unless you count mashed potatoes of course! I have been thinking of ways to try do better, but my husband is so picky I am afraid he won’t eat anything I cook. Does anyone have suggestions on this? How do I get him to eat healthy without nagging? Our meals consist of frozen pizza at least once a week, tacos at least once a week, and for lunch he eats either chicken nuggets from a frozen food bag, or chef boyardee in a can! I am thinking if I don’t buy it then he can’t eat it but what will I give him instead? I am thinking I need to really start getting on track and have a healthy lunch prepared when he comes home. Pretty soon I will be making lunches for Adam and I will not be feeding him the same stuff his daddy eats now!

Last but not least, and certainly not on every new mommy-to-be’s mind (unless you are in this situation) I have been praying a lot for my husband who has a very important test coming up. It annoys me that he has to take it on the most important week of our lives, but I know there is nothing that can be done about that. Awhile ago he took his first test for his CDC (Career Development Courses) and now he has the second one. He has been studying for months, and it just so happens that the time to take it has fallen on the week that Adam is due. He is stressed about it, and so I stress about it. If he fails there is a pretty good chance they will kick him out of the Air Force. I know God will take care of us, and that he will be with Jon as he takes the test, but I know he will be so nervous. My husband is just not a very good test taker, he excels in other areas that many people would not, but testing is just not one of them. I try to be encouraging, but I keep thinking over and over “maybe if he just studied more.” He has studied for months, everyday, at work and at home. I know he has put a lot of hard work into it, so I do not know why I worry and want to push him to do more. I feel as though this is something I should not be having to worry about right now, but I know he needs my help and support. Prayers for that are appreciated as he will most likely be taking the test next Thursday baby or no baby.

So these are my thoughts from this past week. I still think a lot about the labor and delivery and what it’s going to be like, but I try to push it from my mind so I don’t worry. I am actually pretty calm about it right now, but we’ll see what happens when the time actually comes!

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  1. *hugs* it is such an emotional time waiting for the baby to come. I can tell you that I felt worse pregnant that the newborn days. Not everyone has that experience but for me I might be up with the baby but I am also not suffering from all the pregnancy issues. So maybe it will feel that way for you too?

    Excited to hear that he has been born 🙂

  2. Ahh Hon I totally understand where you are coming from. I was there at one point myself waiting for the arrival of Cooper and find myself there again with Kody due anyday. As far as the marriage concerns, your marriage will change but let me tell you it will be for the better.

    You two will grow stronger and love eachother more with the arrival of the little miracle that the "two" of you made. Being parents will test you but let me tell you that stress and fights are not bad things. They just help us understand how to better communicate with eachother and communication is key. Talk to eachother all the time! It might even help with the eating healthier thing if you tell Jon your concerns and why and then ask him what you can do to help you both take this task on together.

    Your going to be a great mom and even though you will be tired its for a reason and a real good one and you will get through it no problem. Its a different tired then now so don't let people scare you! You made it through sleepless college studying nights when you thought you couldn't and you will make it through sleepless mommy nights as well.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers and I know that you will do great!!!

  3. I remember these feelings all too well. When our little man was born (just four months ago) he was up all night long. I don't know how I did it, but you find the strength to get through the nights.

    As for being worried about your marriage, that was a huge concern of mine. Although my hubby has been on deployment most of Levi's life, I will say that your love for each other grows tremendously with the birth of your child, and you continue to have ups and downs like you did pre-baby. The other thing that might really change is your sex life (ha) or if you liked to go out and party a lot.

    I'm a really picky eater too! Some stuff that has worked for me that is on the healthier side includes homemade chicken tenders, (it's a biggest loser recipe, you bread the chicken yourself) tostadas with fat free refried beans and a sprinkle of taco seasoning and fat free cheese, bbq chicken sliced and baked in the oven over whole wheat noodles or mashed potatoes, chili with just several kinds of beans, tomotatos, and turkey meat, (another biggest loser recipe) and chicken fried rice. If he is a pizza lover like I am, a great way to satisfy the craving every now and again are the lean quisine personal pan pizzas. I just found a REALLY awesome website from weight watchers that has tons of recipes in it, I think I wrote down like thirty recipes…you should definitely check it out! It's http://www.skinnytaste.com

    Hope that helps!!

  4. Good luck to your husband on his test! And good luck to you with the upcoming labor and delivery of your little guy. Just so you know, I worried about all the same things. Most women do I think, we just dont talk about it much. It will be a whirlwind for a while but you'll do just fine with everything. You'll see 🙂 It's such an exciting time!

  5. girl, i am praying for you!!! i already am having a hard time waiting, and i still have 3 months or so to go 🙂 i know there is a lot to be scared about, and yah, life is going to be totally different, but i think the blessings of God that are to come far outweigh the hard things that may/may not happen! you've got the love of the Lord on your side, and He will give you strength and energy for the baby, for your marriage, and for everything else!!! <3 hang in there…you are loved!

  6. Awww, that is so sweet that your husband says that and sings to your belly every day! How precious!

    You will definitely be in my prayers through these last couple days, NOT weeks (I'm trying to think positively for you- haha!). And for your husband as he takes his test.

    Oh, and you gave me a bit of a scare at the beginning of this entry. I have hardly had any computer time this week, and when I just glanced at the top of this entry, I thought it said that you were a new mommy! I thought, "How did I miss that she had Adam?!?!" It was a relief to know I hadn't completely missed it! Haha!

    Hugs to you during these anxious days!

  7. Hey girl, You'll be okay! Yes the marriage changes, but in a good way. You see your husband in a different way. You look at your baby, and it fills you with awe that you & your husband helped create something so special.

  8. Hey girl!

    I'm excited to know how your delivery and first few weeks of being a mommy go! You're going to be awesome and I love reading your honest posts.

    As far as Jon not eating healthy– it's an acquired taste. At this point in my life, I consume mostly whole foods, with as little processed food as possible.


    I think that this sort of diet is what God intended us to eat from the beginning, and that he has given us all the nutrients we need in plants and some animals, as long as we eat enough variety.

    My advice is to just make small changes at first, but to educate both of you guys on healthier eating. My guess is that Jon has NO IDEA where the ingredients come from in the foods he enjoys. If you do a bit of research, it's rather revolting!

    I grew up eating Chef Boyardi ravioli and spaghettios, but I just can't stomach them now. If you can get him to try new things that taste good but are whole foods, then his body will adjust to THAT, and after a few weeks or months, processed food will taste bad to him.

    I recommend reading "Fast Food Nation," and "Eating Animals," and watching documentaries like "Food, Inc" and "Super Size Me." It will really cause you to question our nation's fascination with processed foods, and for me it has been a discovery of all that God has given us for nourishment and health that we have chosen to ignore!

    I hope this helps!

  9. Also, maybe find out what he doesn't like about healthy food. For me, a lot of it has to do with texture. I don't like crunchy onions in my soup, so when I make soup, I cook the onions a bit longer to make them more tender.

    If he thinks healthy food is bland, then you can find recipes that have lots of spice in them.

    The key is to find the reason behind things so you can deal with that first.

  10. I cannot wait for him to come out….I just need to see how handsome he'll be. I remember getting to this stage as well, and they said they'll induce me by week 41…i went into labor a day before the scheduled induction.

    Hopefully, this week will be the D-week.

  11. sending you hugs sweety!
    your thoughts are so natural…we have all been through them.
    You are going to do great and be a great mommy. Sure you will be tired, but it will pass =)
    God is and will give you the strength to be a good mommy and a good wife.

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