Happy Due Date to Me!

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Yes, today is the day I am exactly 40 weeks pregnant! Hard to believe how far I have come on this pregnancy journey and that any day now I will be holding my sweet little boy in my arms! I don’t have much of an update except to say that me and Jon and all our family are so ready to meet this little boy!

As you can tell, I have a huge tummy, and the stretch marks have been multiplying endlessly now that I am at the end. Because of that my stomach has been itching SO bad! It’s hard to sleep because of the itching, and the cocoa butter only does so much! I also still have heartburn, and am definitely looking forward to being done with that soon!!

Since this is probably the last pregnancy update I will do, I thought I would post the links to my entire pregnancy journey, for those of you who might have missed some! From miscarriage to second baby it has been a long nine months, but definitely something special and a blesing to be carrying this baby!

(8/4/2009) Miscarriage:
The Lord Gave and the Lord hath Taken Away…
(10/22/2009) Pregnant again & Thyroid Problems:
My Pregnancy & What I was Diagnosed With
(12/2/2009) 12 weeks pregnant:
Another Update
(12/16/2009) 14/15 week pregnant:
Pregnancy Week 14/15
(1/8/2010) Becoming a SAHM:
My decision to be a Stay-at-Home-Mom
(1/20/2010) 19 weeks pregnant:
Baby Update
(1/26/2010) Deciding on cloth diapers:

Cloth Diapers vs. Regular Diapers
(1/28/2010) 20 weeks pregnant and gender revealed:
Gender and Baby Names Revealed!!
(1/31/2010) Overwhelmed after the big day:
Overwhelmed a Bit
(2/9/2010) Week 22 and all about my pregnancy:

All About my Pregnancy
(2/21/2010) A letter to baby Adam:

To my Baby
(3/9/2010) Budgeting for Adam:
Baby on a Budget!
(3/18/2010) 27 weeks pregnant:
Pregnancy Update
(3/25/2010) 28 weeks pregnant and ultrasound/heart check:
Pregnancy: Week 28 Ultrasound/Heart Check

(4/6/2010) 30 weeks pregnant and all about my pregnancy:
All About my Pregnancy (part 2)

(4/8/2010) My fear of giving birth:
My Two Biggest Fears (part 2)

(4/27/2010) 32 weeks pregnant & baby shower:
My Pregnancy: Week 32 and Baby Shower
(4/29/2010) List of what is left to do before Adam comes:
Getting Ready for Baby
(5/9/2010) My first Mother’s Day
Happy Mother’s Day!
(5/17/2010) Reading up on babies:
Baby Wise
(5/20/2010) 36 weeks pregnant and maternity pictures:

My Pregnancy: Week 36
(5/22/2010) After pregnancy hopes:
Things I am Looking Forward to After Pregnancy
(6/1/2020) 38 weeks pregnant and birth plan:

My Pregnancy: 38 Weeks
(6/7/2010) Adam’s nursery pictures:

Adam’s Nursery
(6/11/2010) Overwhelming thoughts:
Thoughts of an Overwhelmed Mommy-to-be!

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  1. Love how you've documented your progress with the photos! How exciting to know that any day could be THE day!

  2. Good luck and God bless Adam's birth ! I am sure you're already so blessed for having your baby coming on the way straight to your arms 🙂 Welcome to the club, mommy !


  3. Hey girlie! I was hoping you were at the hospital with a healthy baby boy in your arms, but I just saw on FaceBook that you aren't. Oh well, I know it will be really soon!

    When Baby Adam does make his debut, I hope someone will update us on Facebook ASAP – along with pictures of his handsome little self! OK, I know that's probably a little much to ask, but a girl can hope. :^)

    In the meantime, I'm holding you and baby close in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to do so. Get lots of rest, drink lots and lots of fluids and let hubby pamper you. You are gonna need ALL your strength REALLY soon!


    Teresa <><

    ♥ Too Many Heartbeats ♥

  4. I loved seeing all the pics together like that. 😀 Pregnancy is an amazing thing. Congrats on safely reaching your due date! Hope & Pray the delivery goes smoothly. Now let's see some baby pics!

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