My Pregnancy and What I was Diagnosed With…

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On October 1st I found out I was pregnant again. We did not want to tell everyone just yet, because of the miscarriage I had back in July. We both agreed to wait until my 8 week appointment with the OB when we get to hear the heartbeat of the baby. We know there are still a risk, but we know after seeing the heartbeat the risk goes down a whole lot so that is why we waited.

On October 14th I went in to the base doctor for some weight I had been gaining (prior to pregnancy). I had gained 30 lbs and all the exercising I had been doing 3 times a week for several months was not helping. I knew something was wrong. The doctor looked at my blood results they had from July and told me that I had Hyperthyroidism. The base had had the results since July and never told me I had this disease. So that day we also found out that if you are pregnant and not on meds for this disease that it can cause birth defects and possible miscarriage. We think this is why I miscarried before. So we asked the doctor to rush our referral to the specialist so I could see him as soon as possible. The encronologist closest to us could not see me until Dec.- Jan. So we had to go and see one in Columbus Ga which was two hours away. We spent almost the whole day there to find out that the base never took recent blood work and the encronologist could not give me meds or anything until they had recent blood work. We took blood there waited over the weekend and the Doctor called and said that he was putting me on meds. So we got the prescription and I was looking at it and noticed that the meds for hypothyroidism and I have hyperthyroidism. So I had to wait until the next day and call the doctor. After a whole crazy day of trying to figure it out. We found out that the base results from the thyroid ultrasound I had showed I had hyperthyroidism and the encronologist blood tes showed I have hypothyroidsm. So yesterday I got more blood taken and we are still trying to get this figured out. The good news is I don’t haev thyroid cancer, and there was no tumors. I am on meds and hopefully the right kind, and the encronologist thinks the baby should be ok because we caught this early. We are still praying though.
If you want to know more about what this disease entails you can go http://www.medicinenet.com/hyperthyroidism/article.htm
Basically I will be on medication for the rest of my life and I will be getting my levels checked every few months as well for the rest of my life so they can monitor my thyroid and put me on more meds if needed. I am hoping that once on meds my weight will go down again and I can get back to a normal life. Thanks all for your prayers, we appreciate it!

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  1. Oh my goodness, first of all: When is your due date? It seems as though we might have gotten pregnant around the same time. I'm due May 31.

    Second, congratulations. I'm so excited for you and I'll be praying for you that the pregnancy goes well.

    Finally, my mother-in-law has the same thing you have and she didn't understand the weight gain for the longest time because she was never diagnosed corretly; therefore, it was at least two to three years before they found out the real issue. So it's definitely good that you found out when you did.

  2. Congrats! I am so happy to hear that you are doing well, that they caught the disease in time so that both yourself and your baby are safe.

  3. Hi Kathryn! My goodness, you have been through a lot. Congratulations on your little one! Do the doctors think everything will be fine with her or him now that you are on medication? My son was born with hypothryoidism, and will be on medication for life, too. In fact, he is getting his blood checked tomorrow again to make sure we have his dosage correct. He gets checked once a month, but other than taking his medicine, life is normal. Although I will say I believe it takes some time for the body to adjust to the medicine, so try to be patient with yourself if you feel "weird" for a while. But being pregnant, you probably will feel a little weird anyway! 🙂 I'm praying for you.

  4. Oh, I am SOOOOO excited for you! I haven't been around in a while because I haven't been feeling very well, so I had no idea that were pregnant again! PRAISE GOD! I will most definitely pray for the Lord to keep you and this sweet little angel safely in His hands. I will also pray that you get all of this thyroid business straightened out. I know it can be very frustrating.

    I look forward to reading as you progress along in your pregnancy. May the Lord bless you, your sweet baby and your amazing husband who has dedicated his life to keeping us safe and sound!

    Take good care of yourself!

    Teresa <><


  5. Congratulations!

    I'm sorry you've been having so many issues with medical care. I'm praying that everything will work out and you will be able to get the timely care that you need.

  6. I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this. At least light has now been shown on the underlying problem.
    i will add you and your family to my prayers.
    Blessings and healing

  7. Congratulations. We are so happy for you and your husband. What an awesome journey awaits yall! Sorry about all the run around. So frustrating!! Hopefully, it will be smooth sailing from now on. Oh wait…you're pregnant! Well…at least there's a positive to all the sickness, pains, strains and weight gain. Seriously-I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy!

  8. I'm glad I dropped by to read this post. I'll keep you in prayer as the Spirit leads.

    Sounds like another testimony to glorify God!

  9. I'm sorry I haven't visited in so long! I never knew that you had a miscarriage or that you are pregnant again! I'm so sorry about the miscarriage. Congratulations on the pregnancy, though! I'll keep you in my prayers! I hope you are doing well.

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