5 Things I am Looking Forward to After Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, don’t get me wrong, but am I the only one who is more than a little excited for the after pregnancy part? I love getting to meet that new little person, and all the baby snuggles of course!

I think a lot of moms go through that stage where you can’t wait for the end of your pregnancy. It’s normal to want to get your body back and to move forward in life! I was very anxious for the end of my pregnancy. Here are five things I was really looking forward to after pregnancy.

5 Things I am Looking Forward to After Pregnancy

Things to Look Forward to After Pregnancy:

1. Wearing Cute Clothes.
Sure maternity clothes are cute and all, but seriously I am ready to get back my real clothes! I am so excited to start wearing the things that are on the other side of my closet, especially the clothes I have not been able to fit into since last year. The closer I get to the end of my pregnancy the harder it is find something that fits right. I can hardly wait to start looking cute again and not feel so big!

2. Drinking Caffeine Again.
I know that some moms still drink coffee, soda, and other caffeinated products during their pregnancy, but since I wasn’t really addicted to coffee or soda before, I decided it would be easy to give it up during pregnancy. Even though I didn’t have a lot of caffeinated drinks before pregnancy, I’ve started to really miss what I can’t have, especially coke! As soon as I can I am going to have one of those extra large cokes from a fast food place, and I am really going to enjoy it!

3. Exercising.
I still have been exercising during this pregnancy. I do some walking and other things to keep in shape, but I am really looking forward to running on the treadmill and losing some of this baby weight! I am not usually a person who likes to run, but after nine months of taking a break, I am more than ready to get my exercise on!

4. No Heartburn!
I had never experienced heartburn until I was pregnant, and let me tell you it has not been very fun! Tums have become my best friend, and I am looking forward to the day when I don’t have to have them sitting by my bed waiting for me to use them!

5. Sleeping on my Stomach.
Oh, how I have missed sleeping on my stomach! In order to get used to sleeping on my side, I started sleeping on my side early on in my pregnancy. Now I am counting down the days until I get my precious stomach back, and can sleep however I want!

Moms: What are some things you are looked forward to after pregnancy? Do any of these sound familiar?

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  1. ooh I could have written this, cept i'm a caffeinated mommy still (whoops), and I'm not a tummy sleeper. I'm a back sleeper and I haven't been able to break that habit yet!

    Things I'm looking forward to are not getting contractions before and after I pee (EVERY TIME!), less back pain, skinnyness!!!

  2. Three of the five are things I'm definitely looking forward to. I don't care for sodas of any kind (I'll drink them from time to time, of course, and I have been during pregnancy). But that's not something I'm really looking forward to.

    I never got heartburn. You know, there's an old wives tail that if the baby has hair you'll get heartburn and I remember from a previous post that you found out little Adam does have hair so that could be it… and perhaps my poor little guy will, in fact, be bald! haha.

    Finally, we do plan to bring the laptop. I think the primary reason is because we can Skype with our parents while we're still in the hospital so they can see their first grandbaby while he's still brand new. Plus, I know we'll be there for at least two days and the laptop will be added entertainment.

  3. ALl of those word for word are things that I missed. I am now still working on my wardrobe. Since I was pregnant for almost a whole year I didnt buy any new clothes. So I have been buiding up my clset again. And the feeling of getting to sleepon your stomach again is sooo amazing lol, I also sleep on my stomach. 🙂

    Soo soon! Your almost there


  4. If you plan to breastfeed you can say goodbye to the sleeping on the tummy, full breasts full of milk = PAIN, but you can sleep again on your back and on your right side.

    I am actually writing from the hospital, Noah came early (it's a boy!). I'll probably be back in some of my clothes here shortly, and in 6 to 8 weeks will start working out again slowly, and lose not just the baby weight, but all this extra weight.

    For me the biggest one is the heartburn, although I was officially diagnosed with reflux, but haven't had any issue's since giving birth on Wednesday!

    Of course there's a new list of things you can and can't do with breastfeeding too, but not as restrictive as pregnancy! 🙂

  5. Oh yes! My problem was that I could never find any cute maternity clothes here when I was pregnant, then as soon as my son was born, I saw the cutest stuff! Figures! I had to have my Coke…in moderation. I also had HORRIBLE heartburn. I had a quack doctor that prescribed me Reglan for morning sickness/heartburn (thankfully I only took it 1 time)…then she put me on Protonix for heartburn and it was a lifesaver! About that old wives tale…my baby was (and still is) a BALDIE!! I was a total tummy sleeper before and couldn't wait to have him so I could go back…but I've learned that it's not the same. 🙁 I also had bad sciatic nerve pain for about a month before he was born. Not fun! Oh and I'm still working on that exercise thing! 😉

  6. Absolutely everything sounds familiar! My baby is 6 months old and I still remember the bliss that was sleeping on my stomach for the first time in months. Not long before you can tell us how amazing it is to finally be able to do all these things!!

  7. I never gave up caffeine when I was preggo. I did cut back though. But then again maybe just maybe that's why my kiddies are so strange because of the my caffeine intake. lol

  8. Girl those are all things I wish I could have, and I'm not even pregnant! Haha love it 🙂

  9. 22 days to go how exciting!!! well i'll be honest my baby is almost 9 months and im still wearing maternity clothese here n there its ridiculous! and altho i've tried to sleep on my stomach after having 2 back to back pregnancies and a broken tail bone and shifted spine disc I always end up on my side. but the best part is having the heartburn gone both my kids gave me the worstttt it didn't matter what i ate it was burning bad. tums was my bff hope all is going well for u and baby

  10. The Mrs. wanted regular coffee and for the horrible itching to go away when she was pregnant with twins–and she got both wants.

    God bless you and your family.

  11. The Husband was a soda nazi to me when I was pregnant, so OH BOY was I ready to have it! And the heartburn, UGH! BTW, I had heartburn w/my first and not my second, and my first had a LOOOOT of hair! 😀

  12. Just found your blog via. beyond Jennifer and Jason's blog. I ama fellow AF wife and your blog looks great! Will be following thanks to bloghop

  13. I'm looking forward to all of these things!!! I keep wondering if you had the baby b/c it's been awhile since you wrote a post! Hope you are doing well!!! 🙂 Take care!

  14. Sleeping on my belly was definitely one I missed!!! I didn't sleep on my belly a lot before becoming pregnant, but boy did I miss the ability to do so. I like laying on my stomach to work on my laptop, and read, so that's when I really missed it.

  15. This list is very familiar! I looked forward to being able to wear cute shoes again with a heel on it. I was stuck wearing halfway laced Sketchers for the last two months of my pregnancy due to swelling.

    I also looked forward to wearing my wedding ring again.

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