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Easy Baby Shower Gift Idea

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baby shower giftWith baby items on my mind (being pregnant baby items are always on my mind), I thought I would take the time to post about a baby shower gift idea that I gave to a friend several months ago. I started searching Pinterest for awhile for ideas, but I couldn’t find the perfect gift basket idea for my friend’s shower. So, I decided to forget Pinterest and hit Target up to make up my own idea!

First, I stopped by the home section to find cheap basket, bin, or container that would be a perfect fit for a small gift basket. The great thing about this container is that it is a gift in itself and a cute one at that! The size of the bin you want, will depend on how much you are planning on buying.

My friend was having a boy and it was her 4th baby so I wanted to get some gifts that were practical and needed for a 4th little one. I also wanted to go with the “boy” theme so I tried to find items that were blue to match my theme! I found a 3 pack of onesies that were super cute and put them in my cart.

Next, I went to look through the baby soaps and creams. What mom has enough of those? I know I don’t! I found some blue mini baby bubble bath and wash and put those in my cart also. I looked through the creams and the desitin had blue in it to go with my theme. Plus, I love the desitin ointment it’s my favorite!

No gift basket would be complete without diapers, so I grabbed a small pack of newborn diapers and left to go to the gift and card section. I grabbed a card that I felt would be perfect for the occasion, found a pretty blue bow, and some blue tissue paper. After that, I was good to go and went home to assemble my gift basket!

As you can see from the picture above, I put my one piece of tissue paper in the container first. Then I added my sealed card, followed by the diapers and then organized the ointment, wash, and onesies in front. I topped it all off with the bow in the front which I attached with a little bit of tape!

Looking to make the same gift basket?

What You Need: (prices are approximate and depend on sales)

  • 1 multi-purpose container – $6.99
  • Small pack of newborn diapers – $6.49
  • 3 pack of onesies – $6.99
  • Desitin ointment – $4.84
  • 2 Johnson’s mini bubble bath & wash – $2.99 a piece
  • Blue Bow – $1.94
  • Card – $2.00
  • Blue tissue paper – $1.24

Approximate total: $36. 47

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  1. I love this – and that you made a thoughtful, much needed gift! I love doing this, buying one or 2 small things on the registry and adding things I know mama’s are going to need. Like Gripe Water. And Boogie Wipes…and you know, real stuff!

    1. So glad you liked it! I love gifts like that as well, both personal and helpful. And it helps when you’re already a mama and know which things help the most! By the way love the gripe water, we have been using it with my daughter! Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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