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Anniversary Presents

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My Anniversary isn’t until the 23rd, but we have been celebrating it early and I wanted to share the pictures of what we have given each other! I already have another blog post about our anniversary and a recap of our wedding with pictures, but you can’t see it until the 23rd!

Paper is the traditional first Anniversary gift, and unknowingly we each got each other something made of paper and that hangs on the wall!

My Husband’s gift to me was a beautiful Thomas Kinkade painting! The title of it is, “Home is Where the Heart is.” And I thought it was perfect theme since we just got married! The picture I have of it is small, but it really is beautiful!
Anniversary Presents

My gift to Jon was a picture of the night sky, the night we got married! That night we stayed in Tampa, FL before going on our cruise the next day, and so the picture is the skyline of Tampa the exact night of Tuesday, December 23, 2008. On the picture it says:

“I will always remember always remember this night as the first of so many wonderful years together.”
Tuesday, December 23, 2008
I tried scanning the picture into my computer but it was too big, so this is a picture of my picture! And I still need to buy a nice frame for it!

Anniversary Presents


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  1. That is lovely, our anniversary is on the 21st and I've been struggling with what to give my hubby as a present. I love those!

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