Our First Wedding Anniversary!

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One year ago today, two days before Christmas, Jonathan and I were married! He stood at the end of the aisle in his Air Force blues, smiling at me, while I was so incredibly nervous!

It all seemed to go by in a blur and soon we were man and wife! I was so happy and excited, I don’t think anything could have ruined that day, no matter what happened!

Soon after, all we had time for was taking pictures! We took every set of pictures you could possibly imagine, and I would say we had fun doing it too!

After lots of pictures we went inside and ate. And I was waiting very patiently to eat our lovely cake! I had begged Jon before we got married to not stuff cake in my face, because I knew I would work so hard to get pretty and I didn’t want the cake to ruin it! Yes, I am very girly. But true to his word he was a gentleman!

After the bouquet toss, and of course the garter too. We wanted to get more pictures taken. The photographer told us he has this really amazing idea (to which I was quite unsure of) and so while they were setting that up, we pretended we were leaving to get some pictures of that and so the guests could leave when they wanted.

Afterwards, we went to see what the photographer’s great ideas were. My church had been building a new church building, but it was not quite finished yet. The photographer thought it would be a cool idea to take pictures in the unfinished building. The results are below…

Of course there were ton more pictures from our wedding, but I could post a few and the quality of this pictures, are not that great because blogger resizes them. If you would like to see more picture click here: Bella Pictures And our photographer was Paul Nguyen, visit his website here: Chi Photography

A year has passed by very quickly and sometimes I can hardly believe it. I will not lie and say it has been an easy year, we have gone through my miscarriage together, Jon failing his very important Air Force CDC test, and even dealing with the fleas that took over our apartment for several months! But I would not take back a moment that we have had together, and I know the things we go through make us stronger. It has been an incredible year, and I thanks God for this wonderful, incredible man that He gave me. He is my true love, and my best friend. I am incredibly blessed!

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  1. That is so fun. We, actually, just "celebrated" our 2.5 year Anniversary yesterday. haha. Curtis was supposed to be home by then, not that we really would have celebrated the monumental 2.5. I love the pictures of y'all on the orange chair and in the new building. Those are definitely my favorites.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and Jon!

    Thank you for sharing these pics with us. You looked beautiful.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Wow, what a beautiful wedding and what great photos! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. I bet you are going to have an amazingly HAPPY ANNIVERSARY with your man. :0)

    May God be with you both through this Christmas Season and into the New year. Thanks for sharing your blog and your life with us!

    Blessings, my friend,

    Teresa <><

  4. I am a Christian,too and getting married in March. My blog is about my journey there and all I am learning along the way! I'll be checking in here again! Stopping by from SITS!

    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Congratulations. What a handsome couple. You are a beautiful bride. I am a Christian too and we celebrated our 26th anniversary this past Sept. Blessings, Kathi

    ps Thank you for your husband's service to our country.

  6. Beautiful day, thanks for sharing. I've been married 11 years and it keeps getting better. Thank you for your sacrifice for my countries protection. HAPPY NEW YEAR

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