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My Funniest Christmas Memory!

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My Funniest Christmas memory is not a story, it’s more of something funny I remember my mom giving me for Christmas in my stocking!

I like Olives. Not just any olives mind you, but black olives. I started this small obsession with olives when I was a child, and my very Italian grandmother would put olives in the salad, or in a dish on the side, and of course she would give some to me!

Now like any other child who likes olives, I would play with them. And I think you know what I mean… Pretty much any child who likes olives I think, has done this at least once in their lives!

Well as I grew up it was not a secret to my family how much I loved olives. My mom wouldn’t really buy them at the store when we went grocery shopping, because she said it was too expensive, and I would probably eat them all before anyone else got any! The only time I ever got any was when we went to my Italian grandmother’s place and she would give me enough to make me happy.

Well, I don’t know if my mom felt bad at not buying them for me sometimes, or she ran out of things to put in my Christmas stocking, but I can remember over years, my stocking feeling heavier than the others!

Upon taking everything out, I would start finding every Christmas that my mother had put a wonderful can of black olives in my stocking! As soon as saw the can I would drop everything else, run to the can opener, open my can of olives, and promptly eat them all!

Well whenever we had family over during Christmas, or when we went to other’s houses for Christmas you can imagine how funny they thought it was that I was getting a can of black olives in my stocking!

My mother still sometimes gives me black olives in my stocking, and I still love them just as much, but I will never forget the funny look on everyone’s faces when I pulled that can of olives out every year, and ran to open them!

This post is for the Wives of Faith Blog Carnival! Dec. 17 – My Funniest Christmas Memory.

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  1. That is too funny. I never got anything like that in my stocking. haha. I did get different candies because I don't like nuts, so my brother and sister got snickers while I got milky way, but that doesn't compare to black olives. haha.

    p.s. I'd thought about adding you on Facebook as well. I think I'll do that right now!

  2. HAHA! this is cute…I love black olives as well and also use to put them on my fingers and eat them off!!! I have had some similar gifts in my life but usually people give me jars of pickles for my birthday lol. Anyway, you should make the little black olive penguins ofr Christmas 🙂 they are so cute and you can start a tradition with your new family!

  3. Oh I love black olives too! I used to set there and just eat an entire can of them at one sitting!
    Dropping by from SITS, hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. This is so funny. We are an olive loving family so we just all fight each other for the olives. Usually me with a wooden spoon shooing everyone, including, my husband away from them. 🙂

    Cute story. Thanks for linking it!

  5. That's a great story, thanks for sharing. I can relate to, my family loves dried fish, so imagine my husband's surprise on our first Christmas when I pulled out gift-wrapped large dried cod from under the tree.

  6. I was searching the internet to see if there was some sort of story behind a can of black olives in a Christmas Stocking and found your story.

    Thank you for the smile! My mom has been gone for 7 years… I wish this was one of the things I had asked her before she passed.

    The mystery remains…. along with the wonderful memories!

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