Meet my Valentine!

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This was supposed to post yesterday, but my husband surprised me, and we were out all day. So here it is, yesterday’s post.

Hubby on our Wedding Day

I know a lot of people don’t like Valentine’s Day they believe that you should show love all during the year and not just one time. I agree, but for us Valentine’s Day gives us a reason to celebrate. With my husband working and doing schoolwork and me having Adam to take care of we do not get out a lot together alone. For us Valentine’s Day is  day that we know to set aside to do something special, even though we know that the other person is special every other day of the year as well.

This Valentine’s day I didn’t have any big posts planned. I was thinking it would be fun to write a little about my hubby, about MY Valentine! So this is Jonathan my love. You can read about our love story here. Or how he proposed here. We have been married two years now and have known each other for almost six now.

I decided it would be fun to “interview” my husband and ask him a few questions he could answer for you. Here they are:

Write a little about yourself:

Hubby in uniform

“I am a SrA in the USAF and I have an amazing wife and a great son. I am a business man by nature and am a partner in East Coast Silicon, where we develop mobile software for the Iphone, Ipad, and Ipod touch. I am going to school to get my bachelor’s degree in information management and hope to get accepted as an officer soon after. I do not really do much more than family, work, and school, but when I find the time, I enjoy playing video games.”

What did you think when you first met Kathryn?
“I thought she was hot, a kind person and shy.”

How did you propose?
“Well I planned for months, got Kathryn the day off from work and everything, and then Kathryn made several comments about how she did not want to wait anymore so I took her on a bike ride and proposed then. (haha Kathryn here, ummm I said that because he was going to be leaving for basic and I needed to get a dress by a certain time. Just to clarify!) We then did go to a great Italian restaurant and saw a movie. I have no idea what we ate or saw but I know it was amazing.”
What do you like most about being a daddy?
“I love it when he smiles just because he sees me.”

Holding our son that day after he was born.

What is your favorite hobby?
“Throwing my little boy in the air. Yes that is a hobby.”

Tell us a funny story about Kathryn!
“Well, this will probably get me in trouble but whatever. In college, I asked Kathryn to be my girlfriend, she told me to ask again later at the dating outing. So I waited until the end of the dating outing and when I asked her she literally sped away, walking in circles, large circles. She did say yes, but it took awhile to get an answer out of her. Of course this is a really short version of it, I don’t want to get into too much trouble! (Ok, Kathryn here again. the reason I did that was because I used to be really really shy. I was embarrassed and i didn’t know what to do!)

My Valentine is a great husband, a great daddy (he even changes diapers!!) and a great person. I love him to death!

So what did we do for Valentine’s Day? My husband surprised me, took the day off, got a sitter and we went out all day! Went to lunch, shopping, a movie, and dinner. It was great!! It is very rare for us to have time alone and we do not have a lot of money to go out or pay a sitter, so it was sooo nice. He also got me a couple nice gifts too, a book I really wanted, a women’s study Bible, and a Zumba game for the PS3. It was a good day.

I usually don’t know what to get my husband for these types of holidays, he is very hard to shop for. But this year I had a plan! We got an ad in the mail for our local Christian bookstore, and I saw this super cute mug!

They had a “Mrs.” one too!

We recently started drinking coffee occasionally and my husband kept mentioning having his own mug. But that was not it. I wanted to get something else. I was looking online for gift ideas and came up with a bathrobe! My husband has had his FOREVER and I knew he needed a new one badly. I had looked in several stores locally, but no one seemed to carry any, so I looked online. I used www.personalization.com and ordered him a really nice bathrobe with his name embroidered on it.

How was your Valentine’s Day? What did you do?

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  1. Aww what a sweet Valentine's Day! I agree with you about taking the time and setting aside a day for yourselves. It's so easy to get caught up in life with work and school and a baby that, regardless of how much you DO love your spouse, it can be hard to show just how much they mean to you on a daily basis. Sounds like you had a great day, you have such a sweet husband!

    As for what we did, we're doing it today! Haha gotta love waiting for payday.

  2. Aw that is so sweet! And I LOVE that mug. Me and the hubs call each other Mr and Mrs all the time and we are coffee drinkers…I need those mugs! haha

  3. I just have to tell you, I just started reading your blog, and I was reading this one, and your husband mentioned a dating outing. I immediately thought "I wonder if they went to PCC" Then I went and read your love story and sure enough…

    I went to PCC also, probably much earlier than you did. I am now married to my wonderful husband who is in the army! Thanks for writing this blog, I love it 🙂

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