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Thoughts About Elizabeth’s Upcoming Birth

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30 weeks pregnant
30 weeks pregnant!

Well, I have finally reached the third trimester and I’m certainly feeling more exhausted! The second trimester was a lot better than the first trimester and for that I am so thankful. The third trimester sneaked up on me, and now I only have 9 weeks left to go!

It’s been so crazy to think about, only 9 weeks left. In 9 weeks I will be meeting my new little baby girl, in 9 weeks I will be recovering from a major surgery- a c-section, and in 9 weeks our family dynamics will be changing. Although I have been very busy this pregnancy, it has not prevented me from having thoughts about all that will change and go on in just 9 weeks.

I am so excited to meet my little girl, and also nervous about how all of it will go. Last time, the birth and recovery of my son was so difficult and took a long time to get through. It was months before I was back to my normal self. I find myself wanting to prepare for that again, but not quite sure what to expect. My hope is that this time it will be a lot easier.

We have been planning and preparing Elizabeth’s room and almost have it ready to go. We have been so blessed to already have been given so many clothes – as of now, I still have yet to buy one piece! A friend of mine is throwing me a shower this weekend and I am excited about getting together with friends and celebrating.

While I am looking forward to so much, I am also worrying. I worry about my autistic son and how he will do with such a big change to our family. Right now, he has been so excited to kiss my tummy and try and say, “Elizabeth.” I know he is going to be a great big brother! Our therapists are telling us that during that time we need to try to keep him on same schedule so that there aren’t too many changes in his life. This will be difficult seeing how our schedule is so hectic and I have already been told I will not be able to drive for four weeks and not able to lift for six weeks.

A lot of people have asked us if we are worried about Elizabeth having special needs. We know that it is a possibility as the rate is higher with a sibling of an autistic child. We are trusting God to get us through no matter what. We chose to have this baby girl, and will love her no matter what happens. I am glad that I have been through it once and already know what to watch out for as far as late developmental milestones and such. God is in control.

So with 9 weeks to go, am I calm, cool, and collected? Mostly. Mostly I think about what life will be like with two kids instead of just one, and sometimes I worry about how I will handle it. Am I excited? Definitely! I am so thankful that God answered our prayer for a little girl. Having a sweet little boy and a sweet little girl is just perfect for our family!

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