7 Sites To Help You Make More Money With Your Blog

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make more money with your blogDuring my blog coaching sessions I get asked a lot about other sites that could possibly help bloggers make more money. Not because they are selfish and greedy and want more money, but mainly because they want to help support their families through blogging. I say, what better way? So I compiled a list of websites that have legitimately helped me make money on my blog. I hope this list helps you as much as it has helped me!

Make More Money With Your Blog:

Blogvertise1. Blogvertise

Monetize your blog in many ways to increase your ad revenue. You can accept or decline any advertisements we send you including sponsored blog posts and guest posting ads. We also offer: display banner ads, text link ads, and inline advertising. Blogvertise is ideal for newbies, and intermediate or advanced professional bloggers.

I have made money off of Blogvertise through sponsored posts here and there It’s great for making occasional money. You can set your own price for sponsored posts and go from there.

business 2 blogger2. Business 2 Blogger

Business 2 Blogger is a special little corner of the internet where BUSINESSES and BLOGGERS can run through fields of daisies toward each other and embrace. Business meet Blogger. Blogger meet Business. Now let’s hug.

I haven’t accepted any offers from Business 2 Blogger yet, but I love that they send me emails with offers that I can browse through once or twice a month. Plus you can go on the website and browse through their list of opportunities anytime you want to!

clever girls3. Clever Girls Collective

Clever Girls Collective, Inc. is a technology-driven content and social media marketing company. Our product suite and proprietary technology platform connects brands with a vetted network of over 8,000 bloggers and reaches more than 80 million unique women every month. The Clever Girls Collective network generates authentic, user-generated content that gets results for brands across all social media outlets. We’ve delivered hundreds of campaigns working with the biggest names in business. Our unique approach is proven, replicable, and successful…and our clients agree.

I love Clever Girls! They also send you emails of opportunities you can choose from and the payment is usually ranging from $75.-$100. They work with some really great businesses and are really a lot of fun to work with.

sits girls4. SITs Girls – Get Paid Blogging

Our goal with The SITS Girls is to raise the bar when it comes to how bloggers and brands interact. There are plenty of networks that offer bloggers the opportunity for product reviews, free products, and unpaid opportunities, but we want to move a step beyond.

Here are just a few examples of paid opportunities we’ve passed onto the bloggers in our network previously: Write a post and embed a video, attend an exhibit opening at an museum prior to its launch to the public, stop by a PR office to check out a new line of cookware, attend a book signing party with an author at a local bookstore, swing by a cocktail party where a brand debuts all of their upcoming holiday products, and come to a private party at a local retailer to meet with brand representatives as part of a focus group.

SITS Girls also sends out emails of opportunities you can join. I have joined them more recently, but they are definitely getting better and have more offers as time goes by. Their sponsors also offer opportunities between $75.-$100.

Blogger Connections5. Blogger Connections

From time to time, we have companies looking to connect with great bloggers like you. Please sign up for our mailing list so that you know when we may need you. Once a client is obtained, we will send you the campaign details and you will have a survey link to fill out. This will help us know who wants to participate in each specific review.

This site is easy to use! Just fill out the form, and wait for the emails. I have not accepted any opportunities from them as of yet, but I enjoy getting them in my inbox.

Sponsored Tweets6. Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets is a Twitter advertising platform that connects advertisers with tweeters. The site provides robust targeting and detailed analytics.

Sponsored Tweets has been great! It’s easy to use and easy to mix in a few advertisements with my regular tweets and earn some change per tweet! I have made money from this, but you have to start your tweets off lower than a $1.00 per tweet to get started and to get noticed. definitely worth it!

amazon associates7. Amazon Associates

Earn advertising fees from qualifying purchases, not just the products you advertised. Plus, our competitive conversion rates help you maximize your earnings.

Amazon Associates is one of my favorites! You can link up products you review or really like and earn money if people purchase them. You can also open your own “amazon store” and put products in it that you recommend and if people purchase those then you earn a percentage from that as well. You can see an example of mine HERE. It’s a great program!

There it is! I hope this has been helpful to you. Please leave a comment if you have any more questions about how any of these work.

Bloggers: what other sites do you use to make money with?


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  1. awesome, thanks for this! After 8 years of blogging I’ve finally decided to start trying to make some money from it. I’m doing okay so far, but I need to step it up a notch! Just did my first CleverGirl sponsored post today, actually!

    1. Me too! I’m just like you. After 8 years just deciding to give it a go. I wish you the best and can’t wait to visit you site!
      Happy blogging, 😉

  2. Hi Kathryn, I’m just getting back to blogging and this is great info. I am not there yet. Need to work on content first. Lol. Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Alaska, Jackie

  3. I love SITS Girls and I am also a member of Clever Girls. I also like Swerve. I’ve been thinking about Sponsored Tweets because I absolutely love Twitter. There were a couple here that I hadn’t heard of, so thanks for the info!

  4. Thank you for this because a lot of us newbies want to learn how to make money blogging and a lot of bloggers don’t like to tell you how to do it for fear that you may over shadow them (I guess). Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. I signed up on every one LOL.

  5. This is great! I’m going to look into this for sure. Thanks for sharing this information. One question, do these groups have a minimum requirement of the blogger before they will work with you?

  6. I tried Blogvertise for my blogger blog but I just could not get it to work. 🙁 Will check the other’s out.

  7. Thanks for this great list! I have not tried to make money from my blog yet because most of the stuff I have heard about (adsense) etc. seems annoying and annoys me when it is all over blogs I read. I will check out these ideas and learn more for sure!

  8. Hi Kathryn – Thanks for some wonderful suggestions! We’ve been around a while but have always held off advertising…we’ve just recently started to look at monetizing our blog and your ideas have given us a great place to start. Thanks so much!!

  9. Thanks for sharing this, very useful! I’m a new blogger (started last July), and I want to build audiencem get more traffic etc…

  10. I know this is an old post but I came back to it because I have a question about amazon affiliate. Can I use it if I am reviewing products sent to me as part of an advertorial? I am new trying to monetize my wordpress blog which just I just got self hosted. Thanks in advance!

  11. Thank you for sharing these links! I’ve found it hard to start making money with my blog. I’ve set up adsense and have been accepted at massive sway. I’ll look into these sites too!


  12. Thanks for the monetizing list. As a blogger, I am making some money from Advowire. It is a platform to make money just by sharing posts to your facebook, twitter or instagram.

    1. I went over to check out Advowire, but it looks like it’s just for those who are looking to advertise? How to I sign up to be an influencer and make money?

  13. Excellent tips,I’m a very new blogger and the only thing I’m using is adsense. Most of you have years of experience,I’m total novice,I have joined your FB group as well. I’m going to try blogvertise, never heard of them.THANKS for all your tips 🙂

  14. Thanks for a great list -I’ve been looking into monetising my blog and I didn’t want to rely solely on Google Adsense – this list is fantastic. Some of the options look really interesting and I’m looking forward to researching them a little further. Thanks for a great starting point. 🙂

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