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Courtney @ courtneykirkland.com wrote a post, that I totally agree with, and could not have said better myself! So without further ado please read and respond:

“I know you’re out there.
Yeah, you.
The one sitting at the computer right now reading this.
The one who comes and reads my blog every day [or every other day, or every week…whatever] and never comments.
What gives?
The truth is, I want to know YOU! You guys know all about me and I can’t keep up with you and get to know you if you don’t let me know you are out there!
Don’t feel like you have to leave some intelligent, witty, well thought out comment. Just be you. Whoever that is.  🙂
Today my challenge is for you lurkers who watch and read in silence to come out of your blogging comment bondage and say hello. Tell me about you. Who you are, where you blog, what your hobbies are. Tell me what you like about my blog, or don’t like. Tell me anything you want, just come out of hiding.”

It doesn’t matter if you read from facebook, google reader, or by email. I would love to hear from you! 

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  1. I love this, we need a carnival for commenters to publish to or something. I would love to know my readers more

  2. Okay, I admit it. I am one of those followers that "lurks" without really participating. Its partially because I never quite know how to introduce myself and becoming and active follower. Do I just start commenting randomly and let people wonder where I came from, or do I actually introduce myself as a new follower first? Anyways, I love your blog, and I will do my best to be more of a participant, not a stalker, lol! 🙂

  3. I actually appreciate the lurkers because I understand. You don't always have time to read AND comment. Some of us are stealing time from children, household chores, hubby, etc….I know I am! Anyway, maybe someone should create a 'like' button for blog post that will also show your profile picture.
    I wish I could comment more, but I gotta run! Beware…lurker on the loose!

  4. I agree with Momsweb. I do tend to lurk b/c I have so many blogs to read and no time to comment on them all–or read them all all the time. lol…

    But, for this blog, I just started following you, Kathryn. As a fellow WoF, I want to show my support. 🙂

  5. I'm like most of these comments (and maybe I've commented to you before??). Been a follower for awhile but I'm never sure how to [roperly introduce myself, so HI! I'm Sierra, wife to an AF man, SAHM of 2, constant and dedicated Christian. You can find out more of me and my family @ http://tervotimes.blogspot.com

    It is hard to comment to blogs. In fact I'm feeding my 5 month old as I type this one-handed!

  6. This is great! There are definitely a lot of lurkers out there and sometimes I am one! So without further…

    Hi, I'm Jessica. Married to AD Army. Currently going through Deployment #1, and praying we come out stronger on the other side. We are in a tough spot at the moment, so prayers are always appreciated. I don't talk about our tough time on my blog because both of our families read it and I think it's private between me and him. I pray to God everyday that my love will give me yet another chance and he will see how much I've been trying to find myself and get back to the person I once was instead of the shell that I had become. Anyway, you can find me at


  7. Hi! I am Brittany, I am not a lurker (or at least I try not to be), but I am a new follower. A little about me…I have been with my Mr for over five years, he just joined the Navy and is now in A-school, and we are planning our wedding. I graduated from PSU, but plan on heading back next semester. There is a whole bunch going on in my life right now, but I am loving it. I am also a new blogger and am loving it as well. You can find my blog "Tales From a Sailor's Soul Mate," at http://talesfromasailorssoulmate.blogspot.com/

  8. I don't think I've commented before… But I'd better do so this time!!

    I'm Alyce, an Aussie mum of one rambunctious nearly-11-month-old boy and 18.2 weeks pregnant with #2. I found your blog thru Aprille 🙂 I love reading blogs of other young stay-at-home mums and knowing I'm not alone! It's my chance to "see" the outside world in the chaos that can be the normal day at home 🙂
    I've also just gotten back from 3 weeks in the States, so I'm busy catching up on all the blogs! Updating mine (which I try to do once a week) will have to wait a little while though 🙂

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