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Glasses USAAwhile back I did a post about contacts and how I used to be afraid to try them. This time I wanted to talk about glasses! Although I am a huge fan of contacts, I have to say I am becoming more of a fan of glasses too!

The pair of glasses I got last year was the first pair I had bought in EIGHT years! Yes, I know that is crazy. My eyeglasses prescription was so low compared to my current one that it took several days to get used to my new glasses. The cool thing about my new glasses? They are the best-looking pair I have ever had (and I have had glasses for a long time).

I always thought that the thinner the frames, the better-looking they were. I didn’t want to look like an old lady and I didn’t want to look like geek either. But this past year I figured out, that that is definitely not always the case! Glasses with thicker frames are becoming increasingly popular, and they look good too!

I remember when I first got glasses. I think I was around eight years old. I was a bit near-sighted and needed them to see far away, but I didn’t need to wear them all the time. I was so excited though, that I wore them all the time. I wore them to my friend’s house so I could show her what I looked like in them, and I wore them to school so I could show them off. I was very proud of the pair I had picked out.

Now I know you wondering what I look like in my current pair of glasses so here is a picture:


Glasses USAWe as adults don’t get as excited about glasses as I was at age eight, but finding the right pair can be exciting! Recently, I came across a website called GlassesUSA.com and I just love it! Their site is very easy to use and very organized. You can search for glasses by any category imaginable, they have seriously thought of everything. You can shop for glasses by gender, frame type, frame shape, style, and material. You can also search through their deals of the week, new arrivals, best sellers, and their designer boutique.

The best thing about these eyeglasses? They are 110% lowest price guaranteed! This just means that if you find another pair of glasses on a different site for even lower then you found on GlassesUSA.com then they will refund you 110% of the difference between the two pairs. How awesome is that? They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Buying glasses from this site sounds like a no-brainer to me!

Worried about buying online eyeglasses because you can’t try them on? No need to be! GlassesUSA.com has a virtual mirror on the site where you can upload a photo of yourself and “try on” any pair of glasses to see what you look like. How cool is that?

Although I won’t be waiting another eight years to buy another pair of glasses, I do plan on buying my next pair from this site. They have so much to offer and so many choices too! If you are looking to buy yourself a new pair of glasses for cheap, try GlassesUSA.com. You can take 20% off any pair and get FREE shipping (to those in the U.S.) with this code: New 2012. You can also take 10% off any order of prescription glasses with this code: Blog10.

You can check out more about Glasses USA and their happenings on:

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