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Tungsten Camouflage Ring for Military Men

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The first time I heard of tungsten, was from a friend who had bought her husband a tungsten wedding ring. I remember her telling me all about it, and from then on, I was determined to buy one for my husband too since tungsten is known for being a very durable metal. My husband has had his tungsten wedding ring for almost five years now and loves it so when I heard about a tungsten camouflage ring for military men, I knew I just had to get him one!

Tungsten Camouflage Ring

What is Tungsten?

“Tungsten Carbide is the only rare and exotic metal that can promise a permanence in polish and finish that will endure until the end of time with your tungsten bands. The original pattern and design in many gold rings will all but disappear after several years. Tungsten Rings will maintain an everlasting beautiful and shiny finish. The heavy weight and the enduring finish of a tungsten carbide ring, speak of commitment, security and an everlasting bond.” – TungstenWorld.com

When we received the tungsten camouflage ring, my husband could not wait to put it on. It came in a beautiful box and with a lifetime warranty. Although I was a little unsure what size to get, it fit him perfectly and he has not taken it off since. I secretly think he loves this ring more than the wedding ring I gave him on our wedding day!

He has been wearing it for over a week now and has been impressed with how comfortable it is and with how it has not scratched despite his hands-on job at work. The awesome thing about this ring is that you can get it laser engraved – which I may have to do in the future.

While the tungsten camouflage ring is advertised as a wedding ring, I really think it could also be worn as a regular ring on the opposite hand too. It would make a perfect gift for the military man in your life as a wedding ring, birthday/anniversary gift, or maybe even a deployment homecoming gift!

If you are interested in buying the ring or seeing more pictures of it please visit: www.tungstenworld.com/Digital-Camo-Tungsten-Military-Ring. And be sure to check out their military discount page as well!

You can also find out  more about Tungsten World and their products here:

 While I did receive a free ring in exchange for a review, this is a honest review and did not affect me or my husband’s high opinion of the product. 

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  1. That looks really nice! My husband was a machinist when we met and got married, so he actually made his wedding ring, and he chose Tungsten. It’s an amazing metal.

    I love that they have so many different designs for their rings! My husband just got medically retired, so that might even make a nice medical retirement gift! 🙂

    1. It really is nice!
      That is so cool about your husband making his own ring, I bet it’s really unique! Sorry about your husband getting medically retired though, hope everything works out!

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