My Maternity Photos

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Several months back, we had the privilege of hosting my sister-in-law at our house for a few weeks. Since she is a talented girl and trying to get her photography out there, we asked her if she would do my maternity photos. She did a great job, but has not had time to edit all that she took yet. I don’t know when I will get the rest so I thought I would share the ones she did take since they are just beautiful.

Since she was here when I was only 24 weeks along, some of the photos only show a small bump, but that’s ok! I am happy with the photos. If you would like to see more of her work visit her page here: Kayla’s Simple Photography. I’m sure she would love the extra traffic!


Maternity Photos Beautiful Belly 24 weeks pregnant Baby Belly 24 weeks pregnant

This photo isn’t edited yet, but It’s one of my favorites, so I had to share!

Maternity Photos

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